Black Coast – Ill Minds Vol II

Formed in Stoke on Trent in 2016 this melodic hardcore quintet, Black Coast have burst their way on the scene with Ill Minds Vol 1 in 2018 and we, at AltCorner have their follow up Ill Minds Vol 2 due for release 8th March 2019.

We enter the realm of thundering bass by Jack and panic attack drum beats from Matt as these guys kick off with Act II. This damn song pumps blood around my body, my first time hearing them. God, I miss this style of music, it’s hard thunderous and vocals by Charlie Hewitt on this tune is ear catching. No pressure for the rest of the five track EP, no pressure at all….

Joe and Scott moderately strum their guitars and lowers the heart rate with Solace, it feels like an intermission between thundering sounds and gives Charlie already a well needed vocal rest.

Back to business ladies and gentlemen as Diablo crashes the sound barrier of my slightly old headphones. Charlie belts the words “Suicide in my head”, these guys erupt the senses and at this moment I’m loving this stuff.

The intro to Weird felt like a change of pace with a friendly guitar vibe. I’ve never used the word friendly guitar vibe before, so I’m sticking with it. This track, I can imagine live and witnessing hair, sweat and lime and soda flying around a darkened underworld and I’ll be there.

Black Coast finish with Lost My Limits and continues their ferocity making them another welcome addition to the hardcore scene in this country.

Mark Wincott

February 27, 2019

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