Bandaid Brigade – I’m Separate

Punk supergroup, Bandaid Brigade release their debut album “I’m Separate” on the 21st January. The architects are members of Pears, Street Dogs and The Gamits collectively, Zach Quinn vocals, Brian Wahstrom, keys and vocals, Paul Rucket drums and guitarist Chris Fogal. The album was recorded in Denver and co-produced by Fogal himself.


 Opening with “Everything” I sense the punk notion is not what they are looking for. It’s uplifting delicate and reminds me of Weezer. Through the record, I hear influences from the likes of a certain Elton John. “Travel Light” I had a sense of Essex creation the 1957 Tail-fin Fiasco with their light-hearted guitar riffs. “Attila” moves the mood to a lower tone with darker riffs and the vocals come at you in an I need help vibe.


Bandaid Brigade has made music in a fuzzy and warm feeling like a fine cheesecake does for me. “Stay Busy” could be their ballad of some sorts. I picture them sitting on well-polished stools in line, arms wrapped around each other sharing the moment in the limelight.

The title, “Treat Me Like A Christmas Tree” has connotations kicking off in my head of being loved for a few days then being discarded. Am I right?  


The mood of the keys and Nick Cave style vocals on “I Think It’s Going To Rain Today” stands out, due to the different direction to previous tunes. “Scarecrows dressed in latest styles with the frozen smiles to chase love away” the menacing riffs in the back of this doom-laden vocals with demented keys in the background. Ok, now back to reality and back to some synth-pop with “Break The Grid” which snaps me out of where the previous track took me.


We finish with “Nothing” a top tapping country feel, adding another aspect to this impressive record which grabs these feelings of mine and thoughts of I don’t like this, to I like it, to contemplating life. “Nothing” completes this eclectic, fun-sounding album.


Mark Wincott

January 31, 2020

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