Album Review: Deepshade – Soul Divider

Wigan’s Deepshade formed in the late of 2013 by David Rybka, Tom Doherty and Paul Barlow joining forces due to their pleasure of creating all things fresh. The four piece have released their new 10 track EP ‘Soul Divider’ out soon. The crew influenced by Soundgarden, The Doors, Pearl Jam and QOTSA along with Porcupine Tree bringing these influences with their own sound has garnered a following.

Opening with a beat reminiscent of the Knight Rider as the odd thump, brings us back to 2020. The Knight Rider beat with QOTSA influenced harmonies of David Rybka vocals show their inspirations on this record along with their own sound. I can taste some Jim Morrison impacts on some layouts with echoing vocals.

The riffs on “Burning Up” comes at me with a grunge vibe, hitting with a little of early Pearl Jam, how Mike McCready makes music sound like love. Each tune comes with their own personality. This impressive record embodies their own sound with Paul Barlow’s thunderous drums and the odd weeping cymbal play.

Lonely Man” felt a little like Star Sailor, this may surprise you and them…maybe.  The gentle nuances of the beat with vocals can catch the heartstrings and drift off to another land. “Soul Divider” hits us with distorted riffs haunting vocals and another brilliant addition to this super rock album.

The mixture they have put together doom funkout riffs, grunge sound with implementing a Knight Rider theme…which was my take on it has made. Highly impressive record and I look forward to hearing what these guys will be doing next…..after the lock down where we are staying alert for an invisible virus.

Mark Wincott

May 13, 2020

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