Album Review: Bellevue Days – It Can’t Possibly Go Wrong Ever

Croydon rockers “Bellevue Days” released their long-awaited debut album, It Can’t Possibly Go Wrong Ever on the 22nd November 2019, just in time for Christmas.

The highlights for me are ‘Shotgun’, it entwines with pop catchiness as Jack Pavitt’s slow drum beat keeps momentum with vocals and hooks. ‘Jouska‘ and ‘Sleep Repeat Again’ are more forlorn than previous tunes on this record. I’m not going to lie I haven’t heard these cats before, so I’m hearing these guys with fresh ears. I like the angst in their lyrics the three guys hit us with, they have a great storytelling style. 

Dashboard Jesus” opens with lyrics “I’m happier in bed living off the sad song that’s always in my head” reminds me of Frank Turner. The tune is melancholic pop with a steady bit of bass by Joe Blackford and is another welcome addition to the highlight’s playlist. 

Daniel Lukes’ guitar hooks, the lyrics, the vibe of the band their selves has a flavour of Frank Turner, Mallory Knox, a touch of Papa Roach and Seattle’s very own Death Cab for Cutie. The band tell a story allowing you to embraces the many situations life allows us to get in and identify with. 

Mark Wincott

December 4, 2019

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