Acres – Burning Throne

Acres recently released their second album Burning Throne!

Acres’ second album opens with Nothing which features Garrett Russell. It’s atmospheric and the dual vocals work well. It’s a good song but I feel like it may have been better placed later in the album as it’s not the strongest to open a record.
Hold On would have been a better opening track in my opinion. It’s extremely melodic and hooks the listener in with heartfelt lyrics.
The Death of Me is one of my favourites with its soaring vocals, personal lyrics and melodic instrumentation.
Feel Anything is catchy and would be a great arena song live!
Burning Throne is definitely an album that gets stronger as it goes on.
It is full of emotional lyrics and fab melodies, with stunning vocals providing brilliant delivery.
It’s an album that you can listen intently to or just put on while you’re doing something else and enjoy it either way.

Elizabeth Birt

March 31, 2023

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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