Vicki’s Albums of the Year 2023

There were so many albums and EPs released throughout 2023 that we’ve loved here at AltCorner. So we asked our team to let us know what their favourite albums or EPs that were released in 2023. Here writer and photographer Vicki narrows down her top picks!

Power To Play – McFly 

As McFly are the band that got me into music, it’s only natural that Power to Play is on my album of the year list. It’s a fun, emotional album which I listened to religiously over the summer. I saw them at both their Leeds shows, and they just never disappoint me. Make It Out Alive had me in a chokehold, yet somehow Where Did All the Guitars Go was my most played song on Spotify, and I loved that they went for different inspirations – I got resemblances of AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Bryan Adams, Jimmy Eat World, as well as classic McFly cheese.  

A Call to the Void – Hot Milk  

I’ve expressed before how I love this old sound of pop punk that seems to be coming back. Before this, I’d never heard of Hot Milk but while listening to this album I found my inner child healing as it resembled the sounds of bands that hadn’t played for years.  

 The Show – Niall Horan 

Although not alternative, Niall Horan’s ‘The Show’ has taken me on an emotion journey of nostalgia and heartbreak, as well as falling in love with ‘You Could Start a Cult’. Released on the same day as Power to Play, this was my Barbenheimer. It’s funky and soft, warm and comfortable. A sweet little album.  

Fortune’s Child – Aiko  

One of my last reviews for the year, but it was unique and a magical listening experience. As mentions, it’s glamourous and Gothic and tells such a powerful story. I’d been looking for a new artist with that sound and was so excited to be sent this!  

The Fox and the Bird – Okay Goodnight  

The Fox and the Bird’ is Okay Goodnight’s first album following two EPs. It is included in is my album of the year because of how unique it is. It features soft, folky songs like ‘The Racoon’, heavy rock/metal songs like ‘The Bear’, and more experimental pieces like ‘The Snake’. Each song works so well together on the album. I’m a big fan of concept albums and ‘The Fox and the Bird’. It tells the story of a land experiencing a drought. The only hope is if the fox and the bird collect four relics from four predators. The vocals from Casey are especially amazing, and I hope they tour the U.K. soon.