Best New Singles: Late January/Early February | Feature

Liz takes a look at the latest and most importantly – the best new singles released from some of the finest artists around!

WARS – Scorn and Fidelity

WARS‘ latest single Scorn and Fidelity is a guttural, rifftastic piece that combines melody, giving a perfect taste of their new record As Within //// So Without!

Lizzy Farrall – Barbados

Lizzy Farrall is back with a brand new bop in new single Barbados! The track focuses on unrequited love but instead of being a downcast melody, we are treated to a track that will get you moving!

InVisions – Too Little Too Late

InVisions‘ latest single Too Little Too Late is the heaviest track they have ever done and is a brilliant entry into their huge second album Between Me & You (February 8, Stay Sick Recordings).

Guitarist Lucas Gabb explains the themes: “Thematically it deals with something we have all experienced which is two faced people who lie and deceive everyone around them. It takes a look at these character traits and acts as a wake up call to these people, making them realise the effect this has on themselves and the people around them”

Novacub – I Still Need It

London quartet Novacub have revealed their new single I Still Need It through LAB Records! The catchy pop track has a darker meaning behind it as frontwoman Louise Bartle explains: “I Still Need It is about a failing relationship in my life – feeling someone slip away and questioning my own feelings in the process. There’s a mix of desperation and anger that still takes me back to that moment”

Brightlight City – Feast On Fire

Brit rockers Brightlight City unveiled their new single Feast On Fire at the end of January! The track is the first taste of their debut album, more details on that to be released soon!

Sevendust – Risen

US rockers Sevendust have revealed their new single Risen! The accompanying visual was filmed live at the Brixton O2 Academy on the band’s recent UK tour!

Shadows Like Strangers – The Art Of Falling Down

Nottingham rock quartet Shadows Like Strangers have revealed their new single The Art Of Falling Down! The track is the second from their debut album CALI!

Vocalist/guitarist Jezza Bruce explains:
“The Art Of Falling Down is a song about overcoming struggles to reach your goals. Finding a purpose or someone that gives you focus when all seems lost. We often share our journeys and it’s nice to that you can help a person that once pulled you back from the edge.”


Southampton trio TOREADOR have landed with their debut single Ashes! The track has seen early comparisons to the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age, Led Zeppelin and Rage Against The Machine!

Frontman Jack Wilson explains of the track: “Ashes originally came from an idea of wanting to write a heavier track that people could still dance to—we wanted to create a track that really bounces. Lyrically it’s about a relationship between two totally incompatible people, and how sometimes it’s better to just cut your losses and walk away.”

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February 2, 2019

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