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Forbidden Seasons – Promise

Whether you want to label it technical-metal or stick it under the umbrella of metalcore, the list of bands that arose in the wake of Architects and Northlane‘s success is vast. Forbidden Seasons are one such outfit, hailing from the city of Turin in Northern Italy, they’re now about to unleash their debut album on […]

Templeton Pek Discuss New Album ‘Watching The World Come Undone’

Shortly after the release of their latest album ‘Watching The World Come Undone‘, AltCorner caught up with Birmingham punk-rockers Templeton Pek to discuss the record’s social and political subject matter, ten years in the game and an upcoming UK tour. How are you finding the response to ‘Watching The World Come Undone’? We’re pretty blown […]

Conjurer – Mire

Having bulldozed their way through the British underground scene over the last two years, Conjurer‘s debut record has been fervently awaited by members of the metal community. Thankfully, the weight of such expectation isn’t remotely as heavy as the band’s mix of sludgey, progressive, post-metal. This suffocatingly intense forty-minutes marks Conjurer out as a very […]

Arcaeon – Balance

Every new year brings with it a fresh crop of bands ready to take their respective genres by storm, among the first of 2018 is technical metalcore outfit Arcaeon, with their debut EP ‘Balance’. Hailing from Reading and London, this five-piece trade in the complex riffing and warm melodies synonymous with their influences, the likes […]

Of Mice & Men – Defy

You’d have been forgiven for thinking Of Mice & Men‘s days were numbered when, back in December 2016, frontman Austin Carlile announced his departure on account of crippling health concerns. Just over a year later they’re back with the appropriately titled full length ‘Defy‘, which sees bassist Aaron Pauley taking over vocal duties. Much of […]

sittingthesummerout – Brick and Mortar

Winter is well and truly here, it’s time for hats and scarves to come out, Christmas adverts to come on and as fate would have it, the ideal time for sittingthesummerout to release their sophomore EP Brick and Mortar. It’s a reflection upon the summer as a season that makes some and breaks others, with […]

The Movielife @ The Joiners, Southampton

Long Island emo legends The Movielife returned to the stage they last played fifteen years ago this week to kick off a run of UK dates in support of their comeback record Cities in Search of a Heart.   Things kick off with an intense and atmospheric performance from the mysterious Guillotine, this quartet specialise […]

LENMANIA @ The Dome, London

On Saturday November 11th, Jamie Lenman curated and headlined his own all-day festival, appropriately titled LENMANIA. The day saw an eclectic collection of British artists playing across two stages, The Dome and the Boston Music Room in London’s Tufnell Park. We went along to check out everything the afternoon had in store.   “Thanks for […]

Like Moths To Flames – Dark Divine

With their latest offering, Dark Divine, Like Moths To Flames have unleashed forty minutes of Warped Tour flavoured metalcore upon the world. The Columbus, Ohio quartet have been a prolific force throughout their career, this release will mark their fourth full length in just six years. This time with a little help from Beartooth frontman […]

The By Gods – Move On

Nashville Tennesee’s native alt-rock trio The By Gods have channelled a love of all things nineties into their fourth album, Move On. Not content with merely coasting off nostalgia across twelve tracks, they present contemporary issues such as religion, depression, terrorism and social media through distorted vocals and as many fuzz pedals as humanly possible. […]

Through The Eyes Of The Dead – Disomus

Revered technical death metal outfit Through The Eyes Of The Dead are back with their first release in seven years. In today’s volatile musical landscape seven years can feel like seventy and the world of death metal has changed exponentially in their absence. So, what can we expect from the East-Coast metallers in 2017? The […]

zhOra – Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Four years after their debut album made a splash in their native Ireland metal scene, the progressive sludge powerhouse zhOra are now poised to release a follow up, Ethos, Pathos, Logos. Described as “a sprawling tale of a bloodthirsty despot, his feral minions, alien visitation and the illusion of choice. Set to the backdrop of […]

The Flatliners Talk Fifteen Years of Punk Rock

As they return to UK shores for a run of headline shows, we caught up with vocalist Chris Cresswell and guitarist Scott Brigham from The Flatliners to talk about their fifteen years in punk rock.   You’re back in the UK for this headline run, it feels like you just can’t stay away. What keeps […]

The Flatliners @ The Joiners, Southampton

The task of getting the party started on this Friday night goes to introspective indie-punks Shit Present. They make friends with their largely unfamiliar crowd by peeling out a series of songs that drive slowly towards huge, cathartic choruses. Vocalist Iona Cairns warms the crowd with her powerfully vulnerable melodies whilst the punk rock Duracell […]

A Chat With MassMatiks

On the penultimate night of their headline UK tour we sat down with in-your-face indie-rockers MassMatiks for a chat about their new single ‘One Foot In This Club‘, live shows, the UK rock scene and their plans for the future. We’re sat here just before the penultimate show on your headline tour, how’s this tour differed […]


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