Waterparks, Stand Atlantic @ The Waterfront, Norwich

Waterparks brought Stand Atlantic on their Property tour and stopped off in Norwich for a fab time!

Waterparks brought the Property tour to The Waterfront in Norwich to celebrate their latest album Intellectual Property.

The evening kicked off with Stand Atlantic taking the stage. As ‘Man, I Feel Like A Woman‘ set the mood with dimmed lights synchronizing to the beat, it seamlessly transitioned into “I like to sing, dance, pretend aaannnddd I like to have fun fun fun fun fun…” and when I saw this at Download Festival it was one of my highlights and couldn’t stop telling my partner that they came out to the kazoo kid remix so I was so happy he got to experience it too. The band launched straight into ‘Hair Out’ and from then on it was just banger after banger, playing hits such as ‘Jurassic Park’, ‘Pity Party’, ‘Deathwish’, ‘Hate Me (Sometimes)’ and their latest track ‘Sex On The Beach’. Their energy fused with the crowd’s, creating an electrifying atmosphere with the crowd being one of the liveliest I’ve seen for a support band in the Waterfront in a while.

After an extremely high energy set from Stand Atlantic, it was time for Waterparks, and let me tell you, somehow it only got more chaotic, fans jumping, screaming, singing along and even having some conversations with the band on stage. From the moment they stepped on stage, it was evident that this night would be one for the books. The lead singer, Awsten Knight, was an absolute dynamo, effortlessly captivating the crowd with his infectious energy and unparalleled stage presence. He wasn’t just performing; he was engaging in a lively dialogue with everyone present, making this extremely busy show, that much more intimate.

Stand Atlantic @ The Waterfront, Norwich – Photo by Kayleigh Francis

The band showcased their latest album, treating fans to new bops such as ‘FUCK ABOUT IT’, ‘RITUAL’ and ‘FUNERAL GREY’. But it wasn’t just about the new tracks; Waterparks delighted long-time fans by diving into their repertoire of beloved classics. From ‘I Miss Having Sex’ to the electrifying beats of ‘Turbulent’ and ‘Crave’, every song was a journey through their musical evolution.

What truly stood out to me was guitarist Geoff Wigington’s heartfelt gesture towards the disabled fans positioned at the side of the stage, offering a restricted view. Witnessing the guitarist making a deliberate effort to ensure these fans felt included and seen was incredibly touching. It was a moment of pure wholesomeness that reflected the band’s genuine care for their audience.

In essence, Waterparks didn’t just deliver a concert; they created an unforgettable experience. Their music echoed through the venue, but it was the connections forged, the moments shared, and the inclusivity demonstrated that made this show a standout.

Waterparks @ The Waterfront, Norwich – Photo by Kayleigh Francis

Kayleigh Francis

November 28, 2023


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