They Say Fall – Deadlights

Elizabeth Birt had a listen to They Say Fall’s new track ‘Deadlights’ and gave her thoughts on it…

A dark and enticing track from the North Lincolnshire quintet. Vocalist Kehn Gembalczyk’s haunting vocals are well and truly showcased in this three-minute track. What starts with a typical rock instrumental introduction, soon shows how the band have fallen into an open-interpretation on which genre they belong in as the lyrics open with a line of screaming before the haunting clean vocals hold their own against a slow, almost hard rock ballad style, rhythm. The lyrics speak about being a chore to force a smile and being taunted by a voice, something that can be related to. The musical arrangement suits the song perfectly with an almost dark, brooding melody complimenting both the lyrics and vocals.

This is definitely a track that will reach out They Say Fall to many more people. I have had this track on repeat for 30 minutes and can see myself listening to it very regularly from its release on August 17th. A track that shows why they have been seen on support slots for Madina Lake, Fearless Vampire Killers, Elliot Minor and While She Sleeps with backing from Kerrang magazine among others and are sure fire to make 2015 their year.

Elizabeth Birt

August 15, 2015

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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