The Family Silver – Electric Blend

Ever wondered or feared what will happen when Mother Earth is no more? The answer is simple, the ashes rise and becomes ‘The Family Silver’.

Ever wondered or feared what will happen when Mother Earth is no more? The answer is simple, the ashes rise and becomes ‘The Family Silver’. The Family Silver I hear you say, I don’t get it. Well my reply to that is this, this my friends is a music review and not a Brian Cox documentary, prepare yourself for The Family Silver’s debut album.

The Family Silver are a new band, but new only by name, and are formed of Guitarist/Vocals Matt Deighton (Mother Earth and Pobl y Bryn) Bassist Damon Minchella (Ocean Colour Scene and The Who) and legendary sticksman Steve White (Style Council and Ian Dury). This trio of extensive musical experience bring you their debut album ‘Electric Blend’ via Privilege Records, its available now at all fine stores and websites.

This album bleeds soul and diversity straight from opener ‘An Electric Blend’ through to ‘Yeah No’. This is an education, there’s years of hard work that enables these guys to perform their craft and ‘The family Silver’ definitely have done this.

The sounds emanating from this music is pure emotion, the guitar gently weeps as Mr Harrison once said. 12 packed songs that are eclectic, but all have that factor of ‘Yeah we know what we’re doing’ so listening to ‘Give Up On Your Tears’ is a full throttle experience, you’ll need hold on for this ride this. Classic rock at its most modern.

‘A Newer Yesterday’ feels like this is a nod to that fella known as the ‘Modfather’. Then it’s ‘Overshadowed’ a deep dark track that had me pondering and thinking, this has to be my highlight of the record if I was to choose one. The trio don’t make every song sound the same, a council of style must have been called, especially with ‘Broken Windows’ a varied track to the previous incarnations.

‘Yeah No’ ends the album in style, it’s chilled melancholic, the peace the relaxation is like listening to the meditative ‘Honesty Guys.’ A superb way to end this album. Emotion firing around the purring guitar hooks, the percussion and the occasional funk laden bass is the perfect way to lay back and think of England.

As debut records go this is one fine arse album, a trio that have a cacophony of talent and knowledge has been blended by the three to give us the notion music is alive and breathing.

There some more good news, The Family Silver are on tour in 2016, I may go to their London show, and if I ‘m there you are all more than welcome to buy me a lemonade.

1. An Electric Blend
2. Only (From Out of the Ashes)
3. Peace & Love (Don’t It Feel Good?)
4. Give Up Your Tears
5. From Out of the Blues
6. For Free
7. A Newer Yesterday
8. Overshadowed
9. Let It Be Gone
10. Broken Windows
11. Washed Awa

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January 6, 2016

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