Spoke Too Soon – Staring at the Wall

Scottish pop punk outfit Spoke Too Soon released ‘Staring at the Wall’ a little while ago but we decided to check it out…

Scottish pop punk outfit Spoke Too Soon released ‘Staring at the Wall’ a little while ago but we decided to check it out…
Starting with the intro track cleverly named ‘Opener? I Hardly Know Her!’ which is  a noodling and oozing track filled with enough guitar licks to make your brain sore. Weighing in at 1 min and 31 seconds long, its short and sweet but provides insight of whats to come.

Second track is ‘All Mess’ which is a punk tinged song that has a progressive melody that seems to draw influences from indie rock as well as pop punk. The songs builds and builds to a mammoth ending after the 3:00 minute stage where instruments form together like a transformer to command your earphones with a Spoke Too Soon tailored breakdown.

‘Insomnia’ comes next following on with the fast and punchy style that Spoke Too Soon create so perfectly but this time it’s with a difference as a discrete addition of Ska influenced backing instrumentals is added to the fray.

‘Last Night Punch’ is a track where the gain is turned up full and the guitar work is just face melting. In comparison to other tracks on the EP, this is a real standout as it ebbs and flows from pop punk vibes to more hard rock sections which create for a rollercoaster of headbanging and embarrassingly playing your air guitar.

‘Head You Win, Tails I Lose’ is the closer of the 5 track EP which is interesting because I was expecting a slow burner anthem especially after the first 15 seconds that sound as if its gonna be a tearjerking anthem but the melancholic track weighs in more solemn than it’s predecessors but still maintains Spoke Too Soon’s style.

Staring at the Wall is a fine EP filled with enough thrills and spills to make it a worthy enough addition to your music collection. One of the main things I am going to take from this EP is the potential shown from it. I believe with more experience and better production Spoke Too Soon can take the nucleus from this EP and transform it into something truly great in their next release.

Brad Biddlecombe

February 5, 2015

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