Honey Pot – Demo 2014

Honey Pot are Alex Hall (from Late Nights & Long Drives) and Jake Griffith playing beautifully crafted emo acoustic music.

Honey Pot are Alex Hall (from Late Nights & Long Drives) and Jake Griffith playing beautifully crafted emo acoustic music.

Their debut release is the “Demo 2014” EP, an honest and raw collection of 4 carefully crafted songs. The EP begins with ‘Beesly/Halpert’ which is an intro featuring samples from the US Office as the smooth guitar serves as a back drop for the moment Pam Beesley tells Jim Halpert she can’t be more than friends. Even if you haven’t seen the US Office it still serves as a fantastic introduction for what the rest of the EP entails.

Second track, ‘I’m Trying’ is an honest account of a person who is really evaluating their life. The almost diary-like style creates a harrowing song about the repercussions of someones actions and their feeling of unfulfillment.  The lyric, “I know sometimes i can be a horrible person, but I’m trying” encapsulates the whole feeling of this emo tearjerker as it’s an emotional journey throughout.

‘Comfort Me’ follows on the haunting vibe as it really seems to draw influences from bands like American Football in it’s lyrics. The introduction is simple yet fantastic as it slowly builds up to a cry for comforting from a seamlessly absent loved one.

The last track of the EP is a Neutral Milk Hotel Cover which is expertly executed as they put their own spin on a song that many people will not be familiar with. The tone is more upbeat but it does not stray away from their style and it makes for a compelling finisher to the album.

The whole EP is centered around the use of the overlapping vocals which work fantastically as the two different styles and tones blend from Alex and Jake drift in and out of sync. Honey Pot are simple, raw and honest. The production is perfect for their sound and the lyrical content is a relatable account of some of the problems that you face when confronted with over thinking and draining relationships. So, go make a coffee and grab your best set of headphones so you can listen to this EP and drift away into a montage of your problems with this beautifully written emo-acoustic journey.

Brad Biddlecombe

January 13, 2015

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