Gideon – More Power, More Pain

Gideon released new album More Power, More Pain earlier this year.

Hell for a Man is a short conversation about being born to follow in your fathers footsteps and performing.
Locked Out of Heaven is the official opener and off the bat it’s angsty and full of breakdowns. It ends with a continuation of the interview.
Push it Back opens with synths which are prominent throughout the track. It’s another angsty track talking about wanting to break everything.
The titular track opened with a “you know what changed you” distorted voice before kicking into the signature Gideon track, although it is broken up with some silent parts and groovy guitar lines.
Take Off is one of my favourites as it has a great drum beat throughout and shakes things up musically in the album.
I felt like I connected a lot with If You Love Me, Let Me Go. The lyrics are hard hitting and relatable to many people.
I Will Carry You has some great guitar work throughout, at times sounding almost poppy, contrasting the scream vocals laid over the top.
The first half of the album is very samey so fans will enjoy and I did enjoy it, but after a while it was lacking a bit of variety which could lead to the more casual listener turning off. A lot of the breakdowns sounded the same in the first half of the record.
But the second half had plenty of variety.
The little interview snippets at the end of some of the tracks were interesting and quite an unusual idea.
I was able to see Gideon live earlier this year and I loved their set.

Elizabeth Birt

March 29, 2023

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