Feeder, The Pearl Harts @ Epic Studios, Norwich

Feeder returned to Norwich in support of their Black/Red album and brought with them The Pearl Harts for a great night!

Feeder embarked on their Black/Red UK tour earlier this month, hitting the road to promote their eagerly awaited new album, currently available for pre-order, and brought the fun to Epic Studios in Norwich.

On this tour they have 9 different support bands all opening on different days, I love that as in doing this it provides a valuable platform for smaller bands to showcase their music to a large audience. It’s a commendable move that highlights Feeder‘s commitment to supporting emerging artists. We were graced with The Pearl Harts, a British duo whose previous opportunity to support Feeder was unfortunately thwarted by lockdown. However, they made a triumphant return, instantly captivating the crowd and got people moving, at this point people were still coming in but upon entry people seemed immediately interested.

Taking a brief pause, The Pearl Harts directed focus towards the merch stand, more specifically their t-shirts, highlighting their efforts to support Women’s Aid and UNICEF, two crucial charities amidst recent events. Following this they appropriately went into their new single ‘Pure’ a song about empowering women. I really enjoyed their set and will definitely be listening to more of their music.

The Pearl Harts @ Epic Studios, Norwich. Photos – Kayleigh Francis

The eagerly anticipated return of Feeder to Norwich was met with a packed room, drawing in a diverse crowd of both old and young fans, each representing a range of styles and tastes. Feeder took the stage, ready to unleash a wave of nostalgia and fresh vibes onto the crowd. Kicking off their set with ‘ELF’ the band immediately captivated the audience, setting the tone for an unforgettable night.

One of the standout moments of the night came with “Hey You,” a track inspired by 80s bands. Frontman Grant Nicholas invited the crowd to join in on the chorus and turned the venue into a unified chorus of voices. As the song concluded, Grant’s prediction that we’d all be singing it tomorrow was met with a sea of people singing the catchy song right back to them.

Feeder @ Epic Studios, Norwich. Photos - Kayleigh Francis

Feeder @ Epic Studios, Norwich. Photos – Kayleigh Francis

Adding a personalized touch to the performance, Feeder dedicated ‘Tangerine’ to a fan in the crowd named Bazza. This rare inclusion in their setlist was met with enthusiasm, and I can imagine it was certainly the highlight of many peoples evening.

As the night drew to a close, Feeder left the audience yearning for more with their encores, ‘Soldiers Of Love‘ and the iconic ‘Just A Day’. These final moments were a testament to the band’s legacy and their ability to leave a lasting impression with each and every performance.

Feeder @ Epic Studios, Norwich. Photos - Kayleigh Francis

Feeder @ Epic Studios, Norwich. Photos – Kayleigh Francis

Kayleigh Francis

March 22, 2024


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