Eight Days – More To Life

Prepare your ears! New noise is coming your way this October as this trio of melodic hardcore rockers gear up to release their third EP More Too Life!

Prepare your ears! New noise is coming your way this October as this trio of melodic hardcore rockers gear up to release their third EP More To Life!

London hailing Eight Days are ready to thrill with their killer new EP crashing into a store near you on Friday October 14th. A treat for such fans of Green Day, Norma Jean and Black Peaks. The three-piece have harnessed a throughly engaging yet biting sound with a sincere and venomous delivery. Not a band to follow a trend they instead spit out wonderfully compelling hardcore infused punk that is authentically gritty. My overall first impression of the EP was in fact sheer delight. All four tracks are raw, honest, and addictive. But most importantly personal to them; not overproduced same old tunes.

For the energetic trio consisting of: Ben Brazier (vocals/guitar), Lewis Fife (drums) and James Carty (bass) having relentless touring, a successful debut EP No Idols and a second Surrounded By Those Who Want Me To Fail already under their belts; it’s plain to see the future is big and equally bright for these guys. They have really stepped up their game since late 2014. Compared to their other works, this EP has really hit the jackpot. It clearly shows their progression both in their work and as a group.

First up is the explosive opener Was It All Worth It. Captivating from the start building momentum with the drums courtesy of Fife, the crisp cut vocals of Brazier just spring wildly at you. Crammed with impressive yet catchy riffs throughout this is definitely a new track to add to your playlist.
Second in line is the new single Unclear. Imagine this track as a fierce bullet train threatening to fly of the tracks, literally. There’s nothing unclear about it, powerful from the word go this is hands down my most favourite track of the EP. Carty is strong on bass, Fife, Brazier, everyone is strong on this one and it just works. The guitar riff halfway through just nails it for me. Big 10/10

Third and last up is Counterweight and Walls. Counterweight in three words? Honest, strong, up there. Repetitive riffs throughout with some superb screams from Brazier, you certainly can move too this track. Walls is a superb ending to a hard hitting EP, the vocals are just as sincere, the riffs just as compelling as before. Not a fault to be found, it ends with a really cool finish to the riffs that just keeps them playing just that little bit longer and really pulls the track together nicely. Overall theme for this EP? Clearly venomous delivery.

Open your ears and let this band in, you won’t be disappointed.

Emma Wilkins

September 28, 2016

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