Diamond Youth – Nothing Matters

Diamond Youth are set to release new album ‘Nothing Matters’ on the 19th of May, Brad and Felix collaborated and gave us their thoughts on an album that could be many people’s summertime album…

‘Nothing Matters’ is the latest release from the Baltimore boys over in Diamond Youth, a band consistently throwing finely crafted records at us that beat us back into summer nostalgia.

If you were to summarise Diamond Youth’s sound on this album, you could only describe it one way; youthful and melodic but still ethereal and ambient like a Hawaiian shirt wearing Steve Buscemi on acid driving a Corvette into a warm, glowing sunset. It’s impossible not to get wrapped up in the catchy lyrics and smooth tone that Nothing Matters brings to the table. An energetic blend of rock, that invites an old blues guitar sounds and Baltimore’s finest raw pop punk vocals to come and personally shake hands with your ear drums.

Whilst Diamond Youth tend to follow the same pattern, it’s safe to say that we’re glad they do not stray from the path. The glowing harmonies and tightly strung structure of ‘Nothing Matters’ travels here there and everywhere; from the Pulp Fiction-esque instrumental of ‘Succulent’ to the pop punk/soft grunge love child that is ‘The Nothing’ we see an audible spectrum of styles that compliment the song before, and the track after.

The whole album is essentially the perfect ode to summer and all things great that comes into place as soon as the sunshine arises and the beers begin to flow. The more relaxed music fan will find this a treat from start to finish, with it’s blissfully glee guitar tones and grunge tinted underbelly that almost reminisces bands such as  Cage The Elephant and Wavves.

If you listen to Nothing Matters in the search for something ground-breaking or fresh,  then you have looked in the wrong place. However, if you want stoner rock that lends a hand from a strong indie influence then look no further because Diamond Youth have answered your prayers. Throughout it’s eleven track arsenal there are no real stand out tracks that ‘wow’ the listener but, when the album is listened to in its entirety you get a real sense of an album that could quickly creep into your regular music listening schedules, especially for the summertime. So grab an ice cold beer, put your feet up and give Nothing Matters a spin.

**Co-Written With Felix Brüggemann

Brad Biddlecombe

May 8, 2015

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