Caity Baser, Bellah Mae @ The LCR, Norwich

Caity Baser brought her delightful Still Learning tour to The LCR in Norwich with support from Bellah Mae.

Caity Baser shot to fame during lockdown when she initially started sharing her music on TikTok. Following the release of her latest album, Caity embarked on her ‘Still Learning’ tour with a few different support acts, we were blessed in Norwich with Bellah Mae.

Excitement filled the air as the crowd eagerly waited for an hour after the doors opened for the stage to come alive. Then, Bellah Mae stepped onto the stage and launched into ‘Drama King’.

From the very beginning the crowd were singing and dancing along. Their energy surged even higher when she performed her rendition of Noah Kahan’s ‘Stick Season’. Throughout her set, Bellah Mae effortlessly conveyed a range of emotions, striking a chord of relatability with her audience.

Her genuine kindness and gratitude to her fans shone through, leaving me with the impression that she’s truly one of the nicest artists around.

Bellah Mae @ The LCR, Norwich. Photo by Kayleigh Francis

Anticipation was high as we revelled in a lively interlude between sets, playing songs such as ‘Man! I Feel Like A Woman’, and ‘YMCA’, the crowd’s energy was high. Finally, it was time, Caity Baser’s silhouette appeared behind a giant L plate before she started to break her way through with a baseball bat. Launching directly into ‘I’m A Problem,’ the energy soared, setting the stage for a fun filled evening.

Caity Baser @ The LCR, Norwich. Photo by Kayleigh Francis

The stage came alive with a captivating display of lighting and production, perfectly complemented by Caity Baser‘s dynamic presence and wardrobe.

We were blessed with bop after bop, the whole set was one massive party. A standout moment for me occurred midway through the set, during ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ when a heart shaped piñata was brought onto the stage and was promptly smashed by Caity, showering the stage in a cascade of confetti.

Caity Baser @ The LCR, Norwich. Photo by Kayleigh Francis

As the set neared the end, there was a sense of bittersweet anticipation in the air. Caity Baser treated the audience to a series of memorable performances, starting with ‘Friendly Sex’ and seamlessly transitioning into the more intense ‘Friendly Sex (Angrier)’. The momentum continued with ‘Pretty Boys’ before culminating in the heartfelt finale, ‘I’ll Be Here For You’.

Caity Baser and Bellah Mae both possess a remarkable ability to connect with their audience on a personal level. Their performances were so relatable that it felt almost like they were your besties.

Caity Baser @ The LCR, Norwich. Photo by Kayleigh Francis

Kayleigh Francis

May 16, 2024


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