Tuesday Tunes: New singles for June 4

Welcome to Tuesday Tunes, our weekly round up of some of the best recently released singles!

In today’s Tuesday Tunes, we take you through 20 recently released singles we think are awesome!

It covers anything from indie and pop punk to classic rock, metalcore and metal, with everything in between!

Cottons – Second Hand Living Room

Action/Adventure – Real Juicer Hours

Creeper – Love and Pain

Ready The Prince – Still Believe

Rain City Drive ft. Dayseeker – Medicate Me

Slow Joy – King Cowboy

Fatal Move – Lost Cause

Storm – Die Young

Vower – Shroud

Lastelle – Life in Silhouettes

Mt. Onsra – Fever Dream

Reece Young – Am I Wrong

Carsick – Gig Tax

Nestor – Caroline

Lizzy Farrall – MadHotel

Jaret Ray Reddick – Lone Stars

Omerta ft. Vincente Void, Hash Gordon – Charade

Dormant – Essence

Vomit The Soul – Bloodtime

Heriot – Siege Lord

Elizabeth Birt

June 4, 2024

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