Tuesday Tunes: New singles for July 25

Welcome to Tuesday Tunes, our weekly round up of some of our favourite recently released singles!

Evile – Reap What You Sow

Thick – Doomer

Nonexister – Drowning in the Void

Chamber – Hopeless Portrait

Paleface Swiss – Please End Me

Muriel – Body of Light

Keep This Up – Lost

Mutoid Man – Siren Song

The Gems – Like a Phoenix

Conquer Divide – The Invisible

The Young Hearts – A Charmed Society

Any Given Day – Get That Done

WESSON – My Self

Elm Tree Circle – Bae

Asking Alexandria – Psycho

Movements – Tightrope

Raisin Awareness – Neverending Story

Bearpit – Cyclone

The Fever Kings – Ain’t Gonna Say a Word

Plaiins – Nothing’s Gonna End Us Till the Aliens Do

Spiritual Cramp – Nah That Ain’t It

Bexx – I’m Disgusting

Skynd – Edmund Kemper

Hail The Sun – Under the Floor

Elizabeth Birt

July 25, 2023

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