Tuesday Tunes: New singles for July 2

Welcome to Tuesday Tunes, our weekly round up of some of our favourite recently released singles.

In this week’s Tuesday Tunes, we bring you 20 of the best recently released alternative singles from the last month!

Winona Fighter – Subaru

Carpool Tunnel – The Risk

Puscifer – The Algorithm

Crystal Lake – ‘BlüdGod

Mothica – The Reaper

Scene Queen – Whips and Chains

Scruffy Bear – Selfish Dreamer

Darko – AUX II

KITTIE – One Foot in the Grave

Malice ft. Jessie Powell – Flayed Lord

HRTLSS – Blood Moon

The Fever Kings – Illusion

Crucifiction – Caged for Extermination

Lowlives – Closer Than You Know

Robbietheused – Just a Little Bit

A Day To Remember – Feedback

Who I Am – The Bitter End

Candy – Dreams Less Sweet

Noahfinnce – Lovely Ladies

Brave Liaison – No Two Sides the Same

Elizabeth Birt

July 2, 2024

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