Tuesday Tunes: New singles for December 20

Welcome to Tuesday Tunes, our weekly round up of the many new singles from across the alternative music world.

L.S Dunes – Bombsquad

Pomegranate Tiger – The Cryptographer

ĠENN – Rohmeresse

Indigo Bay – Papercuts

Mister Misery – Welcome Insanity

InTechnicolour – Turn It Loose

Born Without Bones – XO Skeleton

Jetski- Curbside

The Hunna – Fugazi

The Nightmares – From Above

Suicide Silence – Capable of Violence

Hevenshe – The Blessing

Last Hounds – Slow Burn

Crippled Black Phoenix – Bonefire

State Champs – Act Like That (acoustic)

Tom Lumley & the Brave Liaison – No Trust

Voice of Baceprot – PMS

Other Half – Jollies with the Boys

Thumper – Summer Assault

Waterlines – The Halo Around the Horns

Camp Cope – Sing Your Heart Out

The Wonder Years – Laura & the Beehive

Nothing,Nowhere – Cyan1de (ft. Pete Wentz)

Turnover – Tears of Change

Eyes Wide Open – Ghosts & Parasites

Tuk Smith & the Restless Hearts – Girls on the East Side of Town

Great American Ghost – Torture World

Creeper – Ghost Brigade

Set It Off – Dangerous

Taipei Houston – Respecter

Lambrini Girls – Help Me I’m Gay

Manchester Orchestra – No Rule

Jaret Ray Reddick – Drunk as it Takes (ft. Frank Turner)

Crown The King – Reel to Reel

Halflives – Sorry Mom X

Elizabeth Birt

December 20, 2022

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