Tuesday Tunes: New music for April 12

Tuesday Tunes is the place to find the best new singles recently released across the alternative music world.

Landmvrks – Suffocate

Messa – Rubedo

Daxx & Roxane – Heavy Metal (Sammy Hagar cover)

Naxatras – Omega Madness

The Oklahoma Kid – Come Undone

Bearings – Shaking Your Mind

Cory Wells – Do You Like That You Love Me?

Nekrogoblikon – Golden Future

Dee Snider – Stand

One Eye Closed – Squall ft AJ Rebollo

The Seafloor Cinema – Crash Nebula.. On Ice

Fatherson – Better Friend

Bob Vylan – Health Is Wealth

Ithaca – They Fear Us

Midwich Cuckoos – Blood Mother

Blackgold – It’s Art

Meshuggah – The Abysmal Eye

Spirit Adrift – Hollow

Ocean Grove – Sex Dope Gold

Spanish Love Songs – Dolores

Limbs – Spirit Breaker

Torus – Hurt You

Deserted Fear – Follow the Light That Blinds

downcast – mistakes that I have made

Grumpster – Looking Good

MNYS – Backseat

Flogging Molly – These Times Have Got Me Drinking/Tripping Up The Stairs

Dogma – Father I Have Sinned

Koyo – Ten Digits Away

Windwaker – Lucy

Hollywood Undead – Chaos

October Drift – Insects

Superlove – World of Wonder

Belmont – Country Girl

Kublai Khan Tx – Loyal to None

From Fall To Spring – Barriers

Grove Street Families – Lessons of the Past

Waxflower – Ring

Future Palace – Flames

Drug Church – Tiresome




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April 12, 2022

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