Tuesday Tunes – March 10

Here are some of our favourite new singles to keep you going through the week!

Broken Witt Rebels – Running With The Wolves

The new single from Birmingham rockers Broken Witt Rebels is Running With The Wolves.

“For every down life brings, there is an up waiting to happen. We wanted to capture those emotions in our video,” explains bassist Luke Davis. “Banger racing has a community all of its own; blood, sweat and tears go into preparing the cars, driving them hard, then bringing them back to life again to go in the next race of the day.

“All of the highs and lows are there, and we were honoured to be allowed to be a small part of that on the day.”

Toxic Holocaust – New World Beyond

Joel Grind said of the new track: “‘New World Beyond’ is a song about a dystopian future where resources are scarce and daily life is a struggle for survival.”

Four Year Strong – Get Out Of My Head

’Get Out Of My Head’ is a song about a voice of self doubt that tries to keep you from moving forward or getting anything done,” vocalists/guitarists Alan Day and Dan O’Connor share on the new single. “Its about struggling to turn that voice off. You try and pretend its not there, but it’s so loud that it eats away at any ability you have to be who you want to be. It consumes you entirely. Its about doing everything in your power to shut that voice up and overcome. You know the feeling. ” 

Calva Louise – Camino

‘Camino’ is about losing all the efforts of a lifetime, but having the willpower to go through it all over again”, explains vocalist and guitarist Jess Allanic.

“Rather than looking back at everything you’ve lost, have a positive mindset and look forward. The word ‘Camino’ means path in Spanish, and it mirrors our priority to give to our audience the most authentic music from Calva Louise. Many things are changing in our lives, and there are some stylistic changes. Our next EP may have a different approach from our previous songs, but trust me, our hearts are really in this”.

Azusa – Detach

Metal supergroup Azusa say of their new single:  “Like a smokeless fire ripping through dry grass, ‘Detach’ moves in and out of the heaviest groove AZUSA has concocted thus far. The lyrics are a deep dive into how we accept and respond to the downward spirals life inevitably throws us all into. The track builds like a runway cleared for Alex Skolnick‘s (Testament) maniacal solo to launch the listener into the stratosphere.”

Creeper – Cyanide

‘Cyanide’ is about obsession,” says Will“that hopeless feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you fall in love. Modern love know no bounds, no rules; it can feel like dying a death. At the point in our album narrative, the characters have fallen into a dangerous, forbidden love. One for which no-one can forgive.”

Malevolence – Keep Your Distance ft Brian Garris (Knocked Loose)

The new Malevolence single features Knocked Loose‘s Brian Garris.

“Keep Your Distance was written about positive aggression; having the strength to remove and liberate yourself from any negative influence that you see fit – a sentiment that we believe everyone can relate to,” the band comments.

“Since the song is short and sweet, we wanted a high energy video that would truly capture the vibe and chaotic nature of our live performances. We were on tour with Knocked Loose in December and took this opportunity to collect as much crazy footage as we could. Bryan hit the studio to record his part a day or two before the tour started and jumped on stage to sing it with us every night with immediate effect.”

“We are extremely happy with how the video came out both visually and sonically and we could not be more excited to share it with the world.”

Wars – Only Monsters

Only Monsters is about the climate and the world we live in.

Carry The Crown – Horizons

“‘Horizons’ is a new exciting direction showcasing the mature sound of CARRY THE CROWN,” the band comment. The new single is melodic, punchy and meaningful and perfectly sets out the path and the future for CTC.”

Silverstein – Madness ft Princess Nokia

Vocalist Shane Told said: “We’d seen Princess Nokia mention that she was a fan of ours and we had to chance to hang out last time we were in NYC and just hit it off. ‘Madness’ was one of the early songs we had musically and it kept evolving until we knew it needed a strong female voice on it to put it over the top. The first person we thought of was Princess Nokia. She had an amazing take on the vibe and meaning of the song and absolutely killed the verse. She’s such a talented and kind person, it was amazing to collaborate with her.” 

Princess Nokia added:
“Working on this record was really special to me because I’ve been a fan of this band since I discovered their first two albums. Silverstein holds a special place in my heart. Their first two albums were the soundtrack to my adolescence. They later were an inspiration in the making of my record a girl cried red. Through the release of that record came the introduction of the band when they invited me to their show in New York. Being asked to be a feature in this album was nothing short of amazing. I appreciate the guys for the opportunity and for wanting to include me in this era of their work. It’s been a really full circle experience and I cherish it dearly.”




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March 9, 2020

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