Tuesday Motivation: New singles to kickstart your week – March 3

Here is our weekly playlist of new singles we think you’ll love!

Mundy’s Bay – Visions Of You

Vocalist/keyboardist Esther Mulders said of new single Visions Of You: “Visions of You plays on themes of distance, loneliness and sadness. It is about finding small parts of someone you are longing for in passing moments. The instrumentals were a huge inspiration for the song, because I wanted to write lyrics that would pair well with the emotive changes and climaxes it creates.”

Guitarist Victor Beaudoin adds: ‘When we wrote this song we were looking for a larger sound, something we thought could be expanded on after recording our previous EP Control Room. We wanted the different synth sounds be more present and let our songs breathe a little more. The drums were inspired by some of our favorite drum-machine patterns we have come to love from listening to more and more electronic music.’

Knuckle Puck – Tune You Out

Knuckle Puck are back with new single Tune You Out!

Thick – Mansplain

Brooklyn’s Thick have revealed a cutting new song Mansplain! The track hits at the infuriating comments from men.

Comments like: “Girl bands are really in right now,” “Here, let me help you carry your amp,” “Are those your boyfriend’s drums?”. “Those are all things that men have actually said to us or our friends at shows,” drummer and vocalist Shari Page points out.

Blood Command – Saturday City

Credit: Øystein Haara

Norwegian Blood Command have revealed new single Saturday City. The band said: “The song is about the beauty of searching forever for the things in life you most likely never will find.”

Employed To Serve – Harsh Truth ft Andrew Dijorio

Employed To Serve have released a new version of single Harsh Truth featuring Stray From The Path‘s Andrew Dijorio.

Justine Jones said of the remixed version: “Harsh Truth (Relived) is a reminder that past demons have a habit of rearing their ugly heads again, and that doesn’t spell defeat. It means you stare back at them with more determination than ever before. This song is a reworking of the album track Harsh Truth that sees the song take a more primitive and visceral shape. The track also features a guest spot from our friend Drew DiJorio (Stray From The Path) which takes the song to a whole other level. As soon as the guest spot started to take shape when we were reworking the track, we knew instantly Drew was the person for the job. The way he articulates his words with such venom fits perfectly with the groove whilst adding even more aggression to the tracks already punishing presence.”

Strange Bones – Underdog

The new Stange Bones single is really cool!

I hate the phrase ‘guitar music’. It’s not dead, it’s not breathing. It’s music. Everything that once was, will be again, in one shape or form”, smiles STRANGE BONES vocalist and commander Bobby Bentham, “Ever since I started writing, I’ve always loved the idea of exploring every single back alley I couldA korg prodigy or a matchbox guitar – if I can get a mad sound out of it, I’m going to use it”.

Underdogs is a paradox, a reaction to the contradictions found within a broken system that’s set up for us to fall on our faces. It’s like playing Texas holdem with your leg in a bear trap. This second instalment of Blitz part two is the embodiment of my disillusionment towards an industry of takers, a narcissistic yet empowering viewpoint on life and its troubles”.

Lucifer – Midnight Phantom

Why no one has yet merged Autopsy and Blue Öyster Cult into four minutes is a mystery to us. Midnight Phantom came to us in a collective nightmare and we think he made us accomplish this. Enjoy the horrors of The Phantom. Tonight,” states LUCIFER frontwoman Johanna Sadonis

Teeth – Smother

New supergroup Teeth – formed of Blake Prince (ex- Straight Reads The Line, Anniversary), Chris LeMasters (Hundred Suns, ex- Dead and Divine) and Ryan “Legs” Leger (Hundred Suns, Norma Jean, ex- Every Time I Die) have revealed new single Smother!

LeMasters told Revolver who premiered it: “This is the first song I wrote for what would eventually become TEETH and it really helped shape/define how we’d sound going forward. I knew I needed a creative outlet that’d let me do something heavier, more pissed off, and it just didn’t quite fit with Hundred Suns or any of the other bands I’m in.”

Body Count – Bum-Rush

ICE-T says of Body Count‘s new single: “Another fast moving Body Count track continuing my attempt to wake people up”


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March 3, 2020

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