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Today’s Monday Motivation playlist to help you get through the day. These are some of our favourite recently released new singles!

Counterparts – Paradise and Plague

The latest single to be taken from Counterparts‘ forthcoming album Nothing Left To Love (November 1, Pure Noise Records).

Brendan Murphy said: “My perspective [on what happened in my life] has changed so much, even in just a few years.

“It’s a terrible spot to be in, but some of my best material creatively came from me just being willing to admit things out loud”

October Ends – Take What You Want

Geordie metallers October Ends have revealed their cover of Post Malone‘s Take What You Want.

The band said of their reworking of the track: “This cover happened completely naturally as a group of friends. We live together with Roninclan and it just formed over a period of days. We were all listening to Post Malone‘s album and figured this song just stood out to us. We like to do a lot of covers, as they’re a bit tongue in cheek. They don’t need to be taken entirely seriously, so they offer a lot of flexibility and opportunity to just have fun and be creative. We wanted to include as many elements in the song as possible and demonstrate how eclectic our influences can be when we’re all given our own space on a track. Roninclan are close friends and are always a blast to work with, but they also know how to add a distinctive ”trap” influence without losing the metal vibe of the song.”

Cold War Kids – Beyond The Pale

Photo credit: Rodrigo Villordo

Cold War Kids‘ piano ballad Beyond The Pale sees vocalist Nathan Willett at his most emotional.

A Joker’s Rage – My Heroes

To coincide with last Friday’s release of their debut EP The Rain DanceA Joker’s Rage have revealed new single My Heroes!

The band explain: “This track is a personal one and covers how changes in personal circumstance can radically turn around lives for the better, in this example having children. Whilst the responsibility of parenthood can be seen as a burden (and particularly with the lifestyle of a musician), this track looks at the situation in a positive light.“.

Death By Shotgun – Time Will Tell

Indie rockers Death By Shotgun have revealed their new single Time Will Tell.

The band say: “’Time Will Tell’ is a song about growing up and growing apart from people. Being in a period of transition and the friction this can cause on relationships.” 


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