The Deadnotes challenge beauty standards

German indie-punks The Deadnotes challenge the beauty standards of the world in their brand new single Makeup!

In today’s world of internet obsession (ironic as we are writing this on the internet), we regularly see stories of young people (male, female and whatever else you identify as, it affects us all) making drastic changes to their bodies via plastic surgery, eating disorders and unnecessary amounts of make up to try to look like the growing number of social media influencers, reality TV stars etc that are appearing in our feeds and on our screens.

It’s something that is ruining the lives of many as they strive for acceptance and appraisal from their peers, always hoping that their highly filtered selfie gets more likes than the previous one and so on.

It’s a sad time and German indie-punks The Deadnotes are challenging this with their new singleMakeup! The band comment on the track, accompanied by an emotional and hard-hitting video: “It really kills us to see so many people struggling with themselves, unable to find comfort simply with the way they are or how they act, and instead harming themselves by trying to be different. The song is ostensibly a socially critical song tackling beauty ideals and the way people judge each other.”

Elizabeth Birt

February 22, 2019

Band management assistant. Goth princess and lover of all things music and sport.


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