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We’re back with our favourite of the recently released singles across all genres!

True Colours – Behind Closed Doors

The second single from Brit artist True Colours is titled Behind Closed Doors and is an absolutely incredible tune! The rocker says: “Behind Closed Doors’ is about a battle with the mind, ignoring the obvious signs and believing what is easy instead of facing reality. I wanted to write a song that can relate to everyone who is maybe scared about accepting facts and coming forward. “Karma will take time, the tunnel ends in light” – good things happen to good people.”

Mastodon – Stairway To Heaven (Led Zeppelin cover)

In memory of their long-time friend and manager Nick John, Mastodon have unleashed a cover of Led Zeppelin‘s Stairway To Heaven as a tribute. There is a slight change as they touchingly rename it Stairway To Nick John! John’s favourite band was the legendary rockers so in homage, the cover, which will be released on record for Record Store Day, will see all proceeds donated to the Hirschberg Foundation For Pancreatic Cancer Research.

Mastodon say: “In early September 2018 we lost one of our closest friends and our biggest fan, our manager Nick John. He was essentially the band’s Dad. From our highest highs to our lowest lows he was always there. Every single move we made went through him first as our trust in him was marrow deep. His favorite band besides us and Gojira, was Led Zeppelin. We were asked to perform “Stairway to Heaven” at his funeral. Afterwards, finding out that someone had recorded it, we figured we should record a studio version and release it on RSD as a tribute to Nick with all the proceeds to be donated to pancreatic cancer research. We would not be the band we are today without the help of Nick John. We miss him dearly and think of him always. We love you buddy!”

While we currently do not have a recorded version released, we could not leave such a touching and special song out of our roundup.

Bury Tomorrow – My Revenge

Southampton metallers Bury Tomorrow have to be included in our round-up for their fabulous new single My Revenge! The track is a fan favourite from the quintet’s latest album Black Flame!

Scream Blue Murder – Bury Me

Coventry’s Scream Blue Murder‘s latest single Bury Me  is an absolute banger! The track was premiered over on Dead Press! The quartet say of the track: “‘Bury Me’ is one of our favourite songs off the new album. Lyrics mean so much to us as a band, and it is so catchy! We’re proud of this one!”

Heavy Rapids – Infected Nightmares (Frankenstein)

Glasgow punks Heavy Rapids reveal their sinister side with new single Infected Nightmares (Frankenstein)! Vocalist Dillan Squire-Strong says: Infected nightmares is all about confusing relationships which have been affected by social experiments. It’s an angsty love song”    

Of Mice & Men – How To Survive

Of Mice & Men unleash another new single to the world in the form of How To Survive! Vocalist/bassist Aaron Pauley says: “We’re excited to debut our new video for ‘How to Survive,’ which we worked on with director Zev Deans. Together, we we’re able to bring the visual and story elements of this song to fruition… and more is to come!”

The XCERTS – Ready To Call

Scottish sweethearts The XCERTS gear up for their support slot with Busted by releasing their new single Ready To Call! Vocalist/guitarist Murray Macleod says: “Ready To Call was inspired by a phone call i received late one night a few years ago. The events that took place after said phone call were legitimately movie like and to this day the memory feels wildly surreal. I tried to make sense of it all by writing a song about it, whether or not i found any answers or any sense of closure is still up for debate but we love this song and it features one of my favourite choruses we’ve ever written.”

This Life – My Love

London alt-rockers This Life reveal their new single My Love! The track has a personal meaning t0o frontman William Ellis as it documents his life with Borderline Personality Disorder. He says: “This is a song all about the relationships I’ve sometimes gotten myself into out of a feeling of necessity to not be on my own. When you’ve got BPD and you’re in a relationship, you can switch from that other person being everything to you to an all-out hatred of them, and it’s a repeating cycle. The only way to break that cycle is to start loving yourself.

“The song’s also about how you can find yourself hiding away from close friends and family in these relationships. Everyone should know that the greatest love they should have in their life is with themselves. You won’t be able to share yourself with someone else until you have found what you’re looking for in yourself.”


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