SHAKEOUT Release ‘Take Time’ | New Single

NY-based alt punk duo Shakeout has released a music video for their new single “Take Time,” produced by Matt Brasch of The Wonder Years. The track will be on the band’s upcoming EP Balance the Imbalance, which is set to release on August 2nd

‘Take Time’ reflects on the concept of finding purpose in oneself and figuring out what aspects of life are necessary, while trimming off anything that is not,” says guitarist/vocalist A.J. Chiarella. “Everyone should strive to be the best versions of themselves, and although you may not always be satisfied with the direction of your life, being patient and focused can really go a long way and elevate everything around you. This is the theme of the entire EP, with this song exhibiting the struggle to find such balance through the internal dialogue of one person.


“Take Time” is anchored by its raw and wildly catchy main guitar riff that mimics Chiarella’s rugged vocals. The video is a reflection of “good” and “bad” and finding a balance of both emotional states. The story is told through Chiarella’s changing expressions and the symbolic angel and devil characters.

What makes the duo truly unique (aside from the fact that both members are named “A.J”) is that instead of using backing tracks, they utilize live looping techniques to create their full, monstrous sound.

With a little more than two years of work under their belts, the band has already self-released three EP’s (Parts I-III), and has played throughout the east coast and midwest; including festival appearances at the Launch Music Conference in Lancaster, PA, NYC’s Punk Island, and NY Riverfest. Shakeout will be self-releasing their new EP Balance the Imbalance on August 2nd, followed by an east coast tour.


Brad Biddlecombe

June 19, 2019

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