Regional Justice Center Stream New EP “Institution”

Since their inception in 2016, Regional Justice Center have quickly made a name for themselves as one of modern hardcore’s most viscerally compelling bands. Today the band’s new EP, Institution, is available to stream everywhere via Triple B Records.

Institution is a ferocious collection that couples hardcore stomp and powerviolence speed with the thought-provoking lyrics of Regional Justice Center mastermind vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist, Ian Shelton.

Institution in Ian Shelton’s words:
“The System thrives on human lives. This time you recognize the body they’ve thrown on the pile. A loved one, a dear uncle. Last time you saw him you had just got a copy of Grand Theft Auto III, now he’s in for Grand Theft Auto. You’re used to it at this point, he’s been in and out of San Quentin since before you were born. You’re smart so you realize this is all just set up to prey on people and as you see your mother and brother added to the pile, you think “is this a sniper’s nest? When will I inevitably be picked off?”

Your uncle dies drunk driving a motorcycle, you watch your mother struggle to find jobs, your brother calls you every couple of days asking you to put money on his jpay. You rethink the next time you want to get in a fight, you rethink what you carry in your pockets, you drive a little more carefully.

In the end you make your peace with it, it is an Institution.”

Regional Justice Center will be spending the rest of 2019 on the road all over the world, including a massive North American tour and just-announced shows in Japan.

Brad Biddlecombe

August 19, 2019

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