Records to look out for: Upcoming album teasers for January 19

Welcome to our weekly round up of some of the albums and EPs that have been recently announced across the alternative music world!
We hope you’re as excited about them as we are!

Ashes Of Billy – Obscene

Ashes Of Billy will release new EP Obscene on March 7 through Prime Collective!

It is the teenagers’ first EP on the label but their third actual release despite only being 14,15 and 16 years old.

The trio said: “The direction of the EP shows where we wanna go with our sound. We always try to do new things, and try to better ourselves. We are still very young, and we still try to experiment with a lot of different styles of music and musical elements. With that being said, our EP is about growing up, and all the different things you experience while growing up. These are shared experiences that many of us encounter at various points in our lives, and we’re delighted to share some of ours with you. We hope that listeners can relate to our songs since it’s one of the main reasons we make music. Crafting this EP has been an incredible journey, and we’re eagerly looking forward to showing everyone what’s next”

Mayday Parade – Lofi EP

Mayday Parade are calming things down with their new EP. The Lofi EP will be released on March 8 and is a collaboration with Less Gravity which puts a dreamy spin on some of the band’s most popular songs!

“The Lofi EP was something we all wanted to experiment with and see how some of our music would adapt to the genre,” share’s the band’s Jake Bundrick. “Collaborating with Less Gravity made this all possible. We’re stoked how it all turned out.”


“Jamie All Over (lofi)” – Mayday Parade, Less Gravity & Aleks!
“Miserable at Best (lofi)” – Mayday Parade & Less Gravity
“Jersey (lofi)” – Mayday Parade & Less Gravity
“Terrible Things (lofi)” – Mayday Parade & Less Gravity

“Oh Well, Oh Well (lofi)” – Mayday Parade & Less Gravity

Defocus – There is a Place for Me on Earth

Defocus will release their new album There is a Place for Me on Earth on March 1 through Arising Empire!

01. let the bond be my grave
02. biased
03. watch me bleed
04. consumed by you
05. crooked mind
06. don’t let it hurt me
07. hybrid anthem
08. …to not feel anything
09. flatlines
10. there is a place for me on earth

The Black Crowes – Happiness Bastards

Credit: Ross Halfin

The Black Crowes are back with new album Happiness Bastards! It is their first album in 15 years and will be released on March 15 through Silver Arrow Records.
Frontman Chris Robinson said: “Happiness Bastards is our love letter to rock n’ roll. Rich and I are always writing and creating music; that has never stopped for us, and it is always where we find harmony together. This record represents that.”
Rich Robinson continued: “This album is a continuation of our story as a band. Our years of experience writing and making music and touring the world are represented in this record, and we were brilliantly guided by one of the best producers in the business, Jay Joyce. I am incredibly proud of what we put together.”


  1. Bedside Manners

  2. Rats And Clowns

  3. Cross Your Fingers

  4. Wanting And Waiting

  5. Wilted Rose ft. Lainey Wilson

  6. Dirty Cold Sun

  7. Bleed It Dry

  8. Flesh Wound

  9. Follow The Moon

  10. Kindred Friend

Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties

Credit: Mitchell Wojcik

Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties will release new album In Lieu of Flowers on April 12 through Hopeless Records!


1. Smoking Rooms

2. Roman Candles

3. Paying Bills at the End of the World

4. Monogahela Park

5. Alone at St. Luke’s

6. Whiplash

7. Spitting in the Wind

8. I’m an Albatross

9. Runnin’ Out of Excuses

10. In Lieu of Flowers

11. Dead Leaves

The Wind Covenant – Hiraeth

The Wind Covenant will release new EP Hiraeth on March 8 through Seek and Strike.

The band said: “One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a band, for us, is engaging in creative and inspiring writing sessions together. When we began the writing process for Hiraeth, our primary goal was to craft a collection of songs that felt uniquely exciting to us. With this EP, our focus was on creating a solemn, melancholic, and heart-wrenching vibe. We aimed to blend elements from various genres reflecting our musical backgrounds, including melodic hardcore, black-gaze and classical music, while expanding on our metal-core and death-core roots. The new songs place less emphasis on riffs – although they remain a significant part of our sound – instead, they serve more as a frame than a centrepiece. Throughout the writing and production process, we deliberately prioritised the emotion behind the songs as our guiding compass. This intentional shift resulted in a more personal and unique outcome.

“The EP’s lead single/video is for The Wonders We Leave Behind,’ which holds a special meaning for us. It’s a reflection on the process of letting go of things that were once right for you, but no longer feel that way. At its core, the song explores themes of self-understanding, acceptance, closure and personal transformation. It delves into the idea that when the passion for something that once felt like your life’s purpose fades, it’s okay to change your path. Closing one chapter and starting a new one, no matter how hard or long you’ve worked for it, can be the right choice, even if it’s difficult – and ultimately worth it. The songwriting process was very organic and was initially centred around the chorus, the heart of the song. We first came up with the chord progression on a piano and then wrote the chorus melody effortlessly on top of it. From there, everything else flowed naturally, maintaining focus on the lyrical concept and the haunting, yet hopeful musical atmosphere we aimed to convey.
“Our main goal is to guide listeners through an emotive journey, inviting them to appreciate not only the genre essentials (impactful breakdowns and riffs), but also the deeply personal lyrics, unique sound elements, melodic intricacies and a solemn mood that transcends genres. If you’re looking for a band that brings a different flavour to the scene, we encourage you to give us a listen.”

1. Beyond The Mortal Sight
2. The Wonders We Leave Behind
3. Doomed
4. The Straight And Narrow
5. Devotion

Marisa and the Moths – What Doesn’t Kill You

Marisa and the Moths will release new record What Doesn’t Kill You on May 3.

1: Cursed
2: Get It Off My Chest
3: Borderline
4: Wither Away
5: Gaslight
6: State of Mind (Interlude)
7: Who Are You Waiting For?
8: Pedestal
9: Straight-Laced
10: Fake It Till You Make It
11: SAD
12: Serotonin
13: Just Like Me
14: Sense Of Self (Interlude)
15: Devil You Know
16: Lungs

Kill The Lights – Death Melodies

Kill The Lights will release new album Death Melodies on March 8 through Fearless Records.


  1. Hear You Scream
  2. Die Alone
  3. Broken Bones
  4. Bleeding
  5. Scapegoat
  6. From Ashes
  7. Wasting Away
  8. Man Without A Face
  9. Ghost Of Yesterday
  10. Sleep With The Devil
  11. Suicidal
  12. Drowning

No Windows – Point Nemo

Credit: Humble Film Productions

No Windows will release their Point Nemo EP on May 3 through Fat Possum Records.


1. Zodiac 13
2. Bicycle
3. Fibbs
4. Small Flashing Light
5. Song 01

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