Records to look out for: Teasers for March 22

Welcome to our weekly round up of some of the recently announced albums and EPs that we’re most excited for!

There have been so many albums and EPs announced across the alternative music scene recently so to make it easier to remember what’s coming up, we round up some of the latest album and EPs that we’re most excited for!

The Lovely Eggs – Eggsistentialism

The Lovely Eggs will release album Eggsistentialism on May 17 through Egg Records.

“The new album is really a reflection on what has been happening to us these last couple of years, stewing up in Eggland in our own juices,” explains Holly. “It’s about loss and strength. On this album you’ll hear us at our lowest and most vulnerable. Daily life is hard. Realising everything you grew up with and loved is never coming back, alongside the responsibilities of caring for others is sometimes hard to take. The album is about life and death. Eggsistentialism. It’s about dragging yourself through all the shit to get to the other side.”

It’s a bit of a ‘wilderness years’ album,” continues Holly. “We haven’t released a new record since 2020 and in the meantime, we’ve been here fighting shit and trying to defend a right to a lifestyle that we’ve enjoyed here in this town for the last 30+ years- as working musicians who refuse to get a “normal” job and tow the line. It’s about believing in something and not letting go. But that unwillingness to give in ultimately takes its toll. It does start to destroy you and the album is kind of a documentation of that destruction and collapse as well as the strength we’ve got to get through it all. Ultimately, this is a hopeful record about survival.”


Death Grip Kids
Meeting Friends at Night
People TV
My Mood Wave
I Don’t Fucking Know What I’m Gunna Do
Memory Man
Echo You
I am Gaia

Knocked Loose – You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To

Credit: Brock Fetch

Knocked Loose will release new album You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To on May 10 through Pure Noise Records.

The band said: “On this album, we go the fastest we’ve ever gone; we go the scariest we’ve ever gone. We also go the catchiest and the most melodic that we’ve ever gone, and that’s the point.

“Instead of branching off into a specific direction, we want to encompass ALL directions.”


1 – Thirst
2 – Piece By Piece
3 – Suffocate (ft. Poppy)
4 – Don’t Reach For Me
5 – Moss Covers All
6 – Take Me Home
7 – Slaughterhouse 2 (ft. Chris Motionless)
8 – The Calm That Keeps You Awake
9 – Blinding Faith
10 – Sit & Mourn

Another Now – Hex

Another Now will release new album Hex on May 22!

Vocalist Stef Rikken said: “The record delves into the unpredictable experiences as individuals within the band. One moment, we’re riding high, feeling on top of the world, and in the blink of an eye, self-doubt and anger creeps in. Within the band, we developed a powerful vision and drive to navigate through the most challenging times. This record symbolizes the liberation from the curse and the rediscovery of the fire within ourselves.”



Cloud Nothings – Final Summer

Cloud Nothings will release new album Final Summer on April 19 through Pure Noise Records.


1. Final Summer
2. Daggers of Light
3. I’d Get Along
4. Mouse Policy
5. Silence
6. Running Through The Campus
7. The Golden Halo
8. Thank Me For Playing
9. On The Chain
10. Common Mistake

Cage The Elephant – Neon Pill

Credit: Neil Krug

Cage The Elephant will release new album Neon Pill on May 17 through Columbia Records.

Vocalist Matthew Shultz said: “To me, Neon Pill is the first record where we were consistently uninfluenced, and I mean that in a positive way.

“Everything is undoubtedly expressed through having settled into finding our own voice. We’ve always drawn inspiration from artists we love, and at times we’ve even emulated some of them to a certain degree. With this album, having gone through so much, life had almost forced us into becoming more and more comfortable with ourselves. We weren’t reaching for much outside of the pure experience of self expression, and simultaneously not necessarily settling either. We just found a uniqueness in simply existing.” 

One Step Closer – All You Embrace

Credit: Spencer Chamberlain

One Step Closer are back and will release album All You Embrace on May 17 through Run For Cover Records.


1. Color You
2. Leap Years
3. Blur My Memory
4. The Gate
5. Your Hazel Tree
6. Orange Leaf
7. Esruc
8. Slow To Let Go
9. Topanga
10. Giant’s Despair
11. So Far From Me

ANIIMALIA – Carousel

Credit: Luke Shadrick

ANIIMALIA will release new EP Carousel on April 4 through Marshall Records.


Who’s Gonna Stop Me
Hurt Me Back

Burn Down Eden – Dismal

Burn Down Eden will release EP Dismal on April 5 through Seek and Strike.

The band said: “The riffs and melodies had a similar feel to our previous release Sermonize, just more coherent and taken to the next level. We ultimately decided to break this full-length album into two EPs. The first EP, Dismal, features the more darker and intense songs, as opposed to the next EP, Epiphany, which has more of the grandiose and upbeat tracks. In the end, you’re going to have one mighty, full-length album, Dismal Epiphany.

If you’re listening to them back to back, it feels like one thrilling rollercoaster ride. It’s a cauldron full of technical riffs, neoclassical shredding, exotic scales, clever harmonies, groovy headbangers and lethal high-speed blasts. That’s what Burn Down Eden is all about!”


01 Reap The Apocalypse
02 Death Of A Songbird
03 Blood Splattered Symphony
04 Aim For The Stars
05 The War Within

Queen Laya – Queen Laya

Credit: Jamie Waters

Queen Laya will be releasing her self-titled debut EP on May 17.








SeeYouSpaceCowboy – Coup de Grace

SeeYouSpaceCowboy will release new album Coup de Grace on April 17 through Pure Noise Records.

This album was a chance for us to refine some of the melodic elements we had recently introduced to the band while also playing around with all things and bringing back reinvented version of past parts of our identity,” shares frontwoman Connie Sgarbossa. “The hope is that we made something that mixes the innate emotion of post-hardcore with the cathartic essence of dancing and allure of cabaret/burlesque in a package reflecting the tale of a city on fire and it’s all to tragic individuals and their indulgence and woes.

The record started as a visual idea,” explains Connie, “because when it came to lyrics, I didn’t know what the fuck to write at first. I’m not a drug addict junkie anymore, so I’m not going to write another album like The Romance Of Affliction—I can’t, and I don’t want to. So my mind wandered to things that I love, like Frank Miller’s Sin City graphic novels, where there are all these stories interlaced within a city. That led me to think about noir and neo-noir, and then pulp comics and novels from the ’40s and ’50s, which started to make it all come together lyrically and thematically, where each different song can be a different tale of the city.


1. Allow Us To Set The Scene

2. Subtle Whispers To Take Your Breath Away

3. And The Two Slipped Into Shadows

4. Red Wine And Discontent

5. Lubricant Like Kerosene (ft. Kim Dracula)

6. Respite For A Tragic Tale (ft. iRis.EXE)

7. Silhouettes In Motion

8. To The Dance Floor For Shelter (ft. Courtney Laplante)

9. Rhythm And Rapture (ft. nothing,nowhere.)

10. Sister With A Gun

11. Chewing The Scenery

12. Curtain Call

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