Records to look out for: Teasers for July 21

Welcome to our weekly round up of the new albums and EPs that have recently been announced!

Just Friends – Gusher

Just Friends will release new album Gusher on September 1 through Pure Noise Records!


Zaza In The Sun 🙂
Life I’m Living In
Brain Hurt Bad
Better 2 Be Around
Love Bug
5th Dimension
Circle Pit of Love
Clown on You
Cream & Sugar
I Miss You, Bitch
U & Me

She Burns Red – Out of Darkness

She Burns Red will release album Out of Darkness on September 15.

“There is something incredibly uplifting about truth and honesty and having the means to express that, to share it with other people. We’re all drained and drowning in our own thoughts but our songs allow us to feel liberated and free to express, hold our heads above the water for a moment and remember we’re all in this together, not divided at all. This is what we hope ‘Out Of Darkness’ will do for people. Enable them to realise… they are not alone. All of these songs come from a place of looking for hope within the darkness.” – She Burns Red


1. Touch
2. Rise and Fall
3. Killing Time
4. Crosshairs
5. Heavy is the Head
6. Run
7. Stronger
8. Crack the Sky
9. Out of Darkness

Oxymorrons – Melanin Punk

Credit: Tommy Vo

Oxymorrons will release album Melanin Punk on October 20 through Mascot Records!


1. Enemy 
2. Last Call ft. Troi Irons
3. Graveyard Words
4. Look Alive (Netic)
5. Head For The Hills (ft Kid Bookie)
6. Melanin Punk
7. Mike Shinoda Flow (ft Hyro the Hero)
8. Insomnia
9. Re-Up (ft KANNER)
10. Moon Chasers

Filth Is Eternal – Find Out

Credit: Joshua Simons

Filth Is Eternal will release album Find Out on September 29 through MNRK Heavy.


01 – Half Wrong
02 – Crawl Space
03 – Magnetic Point
04 – Cherish
05 – Roll Critical
06 – Curious Thing
07 – Into the Curve
08 – Pressure Me
09 – Body Void
10 – The Gate
11 – Signal Decay
13 – All Mother
14 – Last Exit
15 – Loveless

The Word Alive – Hard Reset

Credit: Wolfe Eliot

The Word Alive will release new album Hard Reset on August 25 through Thriller Records!
“There will be talks of returning to our roots, blending eras of The Word Alive and of course, evolution. As you embark on this next chapter with us, we hope you’ll find something worthy of connection. Whether it helps you overcome, forget, remember, embrace, or even escape… We hope you’ll enjoy the seventh chapter of our story, and remember.. We are The Word Alive, all of us.”


1. The Word Alive Is Dead…
2. Hard Reset
3. Strange Love
4. One of Us (Ft. Bad Omens)
5. New Reality
6. Hate Me (Ft. Loveless)
7. Slow Burn
8. Fade Away (Ft. Escape the Fate)
9. A New Empty (Ft. Philip Strand)
10. Statis Rain
11. Invisible Army
12. Nocturnal Future
13. War With You (Ft. From First to Last)

Locket – Superluminal

Locket will release new album Superluminal on September 10 through Fearless Records.

Recording their second full-length, frontman Brad Garcia states, “When ‘band world’ got put on pause back in 2020, it almost felt like a sigh of relief. We found this sense of freedom in being able to just write music for no other reason than writing music. With real pressure we could just write riffs, not overthink anything. And I think because of that, sonically, the record feels so authentically us.”

He continues, “Thematically, I approached writing this record from this place of not knowing what’s next (for the band or for ourselves as individuals). It ended up being this cathartic process of learning to deal with this central part of your life being forced across a tightrope, and ultimately learning to be alright if it slips and falls apart, because it might make way for a new chapter. We started writing this album as band guys in our twenties. By the time it comes out we’ll be in our thirties, married, with a clearer understanding of who we are as people that have this insane privilege of making music together where people actually listen. We don’t take that for granted. Also, we all think the album fuckin’ rocks, so that’s probably the most important thing.”


Sonic Bloom
Blame My Brain
Rearview Memory
Tear Me to Pieces
Fun House

Rituals – I Found Myself in the Dark

Rituals will release their new EP I Found Myself in the Dark on August 3 through Marshall Records.

It is the band’s first record on the label after winning Kerrang!’s The Deal competition.

“This is the most we’ve pushed ourselves musically on a record…” comments vocalist Lewis MacRae. The EP stands as a statement piece with Marshall Records, and the heaviest, most melodic, and progressive work to date. It’s the proudest we have ever been as Rituals.”

“The EP is meant to take you on a journey through mental growth, views on the state of the world, as well as some straight up demonic content, glistening melodies, and brutally crushing riffs. It’s eleven minutes of pure orchestrated Northern Chaos. This is opening doors and avenues for where Rituals will take our sound.”


1.Living Blind
2. I Found Myself In The Dark
3. Cataclysm

Uzumaki – Square One

Uzumaki will release new EP Square One on July 28.

“It was a totally new experience to record at Sick Room Studios with Owen Turner,” says Cheung. “The studio is remotely positioned in Norfolk where all of us grew up and met for the first time. So, the return to this environment felt fundamentally crucial as the first step, or ‘Square One’, for the band to create the first body of work. Owen shared influences with Uzumaki from Brit Pop bands such as Teenage Fanclub, Pulp and Blur, through to the analogue pioneers of Sonic Youth and Sebadoh. This can be heard clearly in the production of the EP – it was recorded live and away from microscopes.”


  1. Hey There
  2. Ugly Hunger
  3. On and On
  4. Flip Side

Haunt The Woods – Ubiquity

Haunt The Woods will release second album Ubiquity on September 29 through Spinefarm Records.


1 Fever Dream
2 Gold
3 Save Me
4 Equilibrium
5 Home
6 The Line Part II
7 Now Is Our Time
8 Ubiquity
9 Overflow
10 Sleepwalking
11 Numb
12 Said And Done

The Band Camino – The Dark

The Band Camino will release new album The Dark on August 11 through dblblk/Elektra Records.


  1. Told You So
  2. What Am I Missing
  3. Save My Life
  4. Let It Happen
  5. It’s You (It’s You)
  6. Same Page
  7. See You Later
  8. Afraid of the Dark
  9. Novocaine
  10. Three Month Hangover
  11. Last Man In The World

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