Records to look out for: Teasers for August 12

Here is our weekly round up of some of the recently announced albums and EPs from across the alternative music world!

The Subways – Uncertain Joys

Credit: Laura Lewis

The Subways will release new album Uncertain Joys on January 13 through Alcopop! Records!


1. You Kill My Cool
2. Love Waiting On You
3. Uncertain Joys
4. Incantation
5. Black Wax
6. Lavender Amelie
7. Fight
8. Influencer Killed The Rock Star
9. Swanky Al
10. The Devil and Me
11. Joli Coeur
12. Futures

Gogol Bordello – Solidaritine

Gogol Bordello will release new album Solidaritine on September 16 through Casa Gogol/Cooking Vinyl.

“Our music was always about perseverance,” exclaims Eugene. “Rock ‘n’ roll comes out of a real place. Take a group of people who have endured immigrant traumas and dislocation. They create music, get successful together, become more baroque and experimental, and experience some years of relative calm. All of a sudden, humankind encounters these problems like the pandemic and the war. This is when rock ‘n’ roll is the most necessary and where we perform the best.”


1.  Shot of Solidaritine
2.  Focus Coin
3.  Blueprint
4.  The Era of the End of Eras (feat. HR)
5.  I’m Coming Out
6.  Knack For Life
7.  The Great Hunt of Idiot Savant
8.  Take Only What You Can Carry (feat. KAZKA)
9.  My Imaginary Son
10.  Forces of Victory (feat. Serhiy Zhadan and KAZKA)
11.  Fire On Ice Floe
12.  Gut Guidance
13.  Huckleberry Generation

Clutch – Sunrise on Slaughter Beach

Credit: Dan Winters

Clutch will release new album Sunrise on Slaughter Beach on September 16 through Weathermaker Music.


  1. Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone)
  2. Slaughter Beach
  3. Mountain Of Bone
  4. Nosferatu Madre
  5. Mercy Brown
  6. We Strive For Excellence
  7. Skeletons On Mars
  8. Three Golden Horns
  9. Jackhammer Our Names

Field Medic – grow your hair long if you’re wanting to see something that you can change

Field Medic will release new record grow your hair long if you’re wanting to see something that you can change on October 14 through Run for Cover Records.


  1. always emptiness

  2. weekends

  3. i had a dream that you died

  4. noonday sun

  5. i think about you all the time

  6. house arrest

  7. stained glass

  8. miracle/marigold

  9. had my fun/back to the start

WACO – Rock Spirit Absolute Joy

Credit: Greg C Holland

WACO will release new album Rock Spirit Absolute Joy on September 2 through Venn Records.

“Steve (Sears) managed to get the very best out of us,” the band said. “We’ve created all of our releases with him because we just love working with him so much. He is a talented, compassionate and supportive bloke, and he welcomes our freewheeling, excitable and sometimes confusing approach to songwriting. Above all, he truly understands what we’re trying to do with this band.”

“We channelled all the things that we love about each other and love about rock music in this album,” explains frontman Jak Hutchcraft. “The album title, Rock Spirit Absolute Joy, is a good indicator of where our heads were at. We got the title from one of our fans, Mary, who had written those four words in the comments section of one of our music videos. It hit us like a ton of bricks. She’d bookended the phrase with lightning bolt emojis and it resonated with us in ways that I don’t think she anticipated. With that in mind, we then wrote these ten songs to celebrate life, communicate our emotions and be true to those four words and everything they meant.”

“Ultimately though, we wrote this album to further commemorate our beloved late bassist Chris Cowley and process our grief. He was all about rock, spirit and absolute joy. Chris, if you’re reading this, I hope we did you proud.”


1. Millionaire
2. The World
3. Elevation
4. Seventeen
5. Barry Gibb Was My Landlord
6. Better Place
7. The New Wave Of British Denim
8. Next Romance
9. Hardships Will Happen
10. Flip Forever

Thoughtcrimes – Altered Pasts

Thoughtcrimes will release debut album Altered Pasts on August 26 through Pure Noise Records.

Altered Pasts was shaped by the world around us and within us at the same,” explains guitarist Brian Sullivan. “This album is both a reflection and synthesis of our cognitive, emotional and spiritual processes, as well as a catharsis.”


1. Panopticon
2. Mirror Glue
3. Keyhole Romance
4. New Infinities
5. Altered Pasts
6. Dare I Say
7. Hai Un Accendino
8. Conscience On Tilt
9. The Drowning Man
10. Deathbed Confessions
11. Lunar Waves

borts – Preach This

borts will release album Preach This! on November 25 through Lockjaw Records.


  1. Creeps Get Beats
  2. Like, Music Again!
  3. Snow In Hell
  4. Get Sold
  5. Broke Alone
  6. The Nurse
  7. Keeping Them Alive
  8. Los Zapatos
  9. Welcome Break
  10. Me & The Demons

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