Records to look out for: September 9 edition

Here is the weekly round up of some of the records we’re excited for from across the alternative music world!

Turnover – Myself in the Way

Turnover will release new album Myself in the Way on November 4.


1. Stone Station
2. Tears of Change
3. Myself in the Way (feat. Brendan Yates)
4. Wait Too Long
5. People That We Know
6. Mountains Made of Clouds
7. Ain’t Love Heavy (feat. Bre Morell)
8. Pleasures Galore
9. Stone Station Reprise
10. Fantasy
11. Queen in the River
12. Bored of God / Orlando

Art: Danny Dempsey

Brutus – Unison Life

Credit: Eva Vlonk

Brutus will release new album Unison Life on October 21 through Hassle Records/ Sargent House.

Stefanie comments: “I wanted every song to feel like the last song we’ll ever write. It killed me inside because it’s almost an impossibly high standard, but that was my personal goal for this album. It was a two-year quest of trying to do better.”


1. Miles Away

2. Brave

3. Victoria

4. What Have We Done

5. Dust

6. Liar

7. Chainlife

8. Storm

9. Dreamlife

10. Desert Rain

The Hunna – Self-titled

The Hunna will release their self-titled album on October 28 through Believe.


  1. The Storm
  2. Trash
  3. Fugazi
  4. Find A Way Out (Back To You)
  5. Circles
  6. Other Side
  7. Take A Ride (Lights, Camera, Action)
  8. Sold My Soul
  9. Sick
  10. You Can’t Sit With Us
  11. Apologies
  12. Untouched Hearts
  13. The Calm

Sunsleeper – While You Can

Sunsleeper will release album While You Can on October 7 through Rude Records.

“The title of the record is pulled from a lyric on the record; ‘Feel what you can while you can,’” explains vocalist Jeffrey Mudgett. “It’s a reminder to be present and enjoy the vastness of existence while you can. Life is fleeting, and if you’re always looking forward or backward, you’ll miss the now.”


1. Porch Light
2. In the Clouds
3. Blemishes
4. Stay Home
5. Anywhere
6. Quitter
7. Feel What You Can
8. Currents
9. Way Out
10. Thief

Inclination – Unaltered Perspective

Credit: Errick Easterday

Inclination will release debut album Unaltered Perspective on October 21 through Pure Noise Records.

Bassist Caleb Murphy said: “The lyrical aim of Unaltered Perspective was capture the anguish and sadness wrought by a series of observations and lived experiences. Frustration from being at the mercy of a society. that treats people as a commodity, or the despair of a friend throwing their life away for nothing.

“The record is about looking at these experiences as an opportunity for self-reflection and growth, and making a conscious decision to not let your past limit your future. It’s about finding the strength to keep fighting. The record draws a lot of influences from 90’s metallic hardcore but also treads into territory that is new to Inclination. We wholeheartedly think it is our absolute best material to date.”


1. Unaltered Perspective
2. Epidemic
3. Thoughts and Prayers
4. Predetermined
5. Bystander
6. Without A Word
7. Marooned
8. Connections
9. Segue
10. A Decision
11. Commitment To Self

Pulled Apart By Horses – Reality Cheques

Pulled Apart By Horses will release fifth album Reality Cheques on September 30 through Alcopop! Records!

Vocalist Tom Hudson says: “Our musical tastes change monthly, never mind over the course of the years, so we are never going to be the kind of band who’d do the same album every time. We’ve always been that band that are ‘too heavy for the indie kids, and too indie for the heavy kids’ in industry terms, but it’s quite cool that people don’t really know where to put us, because it means no-one can easily slap a genre name upon us. Now we have the freedom to just be who we are.”


1. Pipe Dream
2. First World Problems
3. Sleep In Your Grave
4. Rinse And Repeat
5. Devil Inside
6. Rat Race
7. Positive Place
8. Fear Of Missing Out

Press Club – Endless Motion

Press Club will release new album Endless Motion on October 14 through Hassle Records.


1. Eugene
2. Coward Street
3. Untitled Wildlife
4. Glasgow
5. Endless Motion
6. Cancelled
7. Lifelines
8. Afraid Of Everything
9. I Can Change
10. Less These Days


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September 9, 2022

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