Records to look out for – October 22

Want to keep up to date with all the new releases? Here we have a weekly round-up of the recently announced records.

Aquilus – Bellum I

Credit: Mortimer Bellchambers

Aquilus will release their new album Bellum I on December 3 through Blood Music.


1. The Night Winds of Avila

2. Into Wooded Hollows

3. Eternal Unrest

4. Moon Isabelline

5. The Silent Passing

6. Embered Waters

7. Lucille’s Gate

8. Empyreal Nightsky

The Last Ten Seconds of Life – Self-titled

The Last Ten Seconds Of Life will release their new self-titled album on January 28 through Unique Leader.

The band said: “The pinnacle of malevolence, crushing riffs, and unbound lyricism that listeners have come to love and identify with us. Unique Leader is the perfect home to release this monster and we are more than excited to work with the brand to deliver this album to the masses.”


1. Invictus unto Fire
2. Zapffe isn’t invited to the Party (feat. Jamie Hanks)
3. The Sabbath
4. Birth of the Butcher
5. Altar of Poison
6. Guillotine Queen (Redux)
7. Hate What You Love
8. Vampire (a Blood Ballad)
9. Glory be 2 Misery
10. Wasted (interlude)
11. Sickness in Seattle
12. Suicide Watch
13. A Lesson on Self Preservation
14. Procession

Like Pacific – Control My Sanity

Credit: Christopher Sherman

Like Pacific will release new album Control My Sanity on December 3 through Pure Noise Records.

“Going into this record we knew we wanted to play with our sound a bit and continue to have fun playing music.” says Jordan Black (singer).

“This record was stressful. Covid happened at the beginning of recording/pre-production. Not everyone could be in the same room so, collaboratively we wrote songs over video chat and iPhone demos. Which knowing me, I have terrible ADHD so it was very hard for me.
“In the last two years I’ve been going through the worst depression I’ve ever experienced. This was very helpful for me and the band as a whole. Looking forward to people emotionally connecting to this record. Our best yet.” 


Ketamine Jesus
Love Them And Leave Them
Control My Sanity
Hollow Tears
Waste Of Breath
Catch Your Eye
Fail To Speak
Rest In Dirt
Time Won’t Heal

American Teeth – We Should Be Having Fun

American Teeth will release debut album We Should Be Having Fun on October 29 through Fearless Records.


Love Myself
One Of Those Days
Fix You
Barred Out
Gonna Be Okay
I’m A Wave
Like To Be Loved

Same Side – In Place

Same Side – the solo project from The Story So Far‘s Kevin Geyer – will release new EP In Place on November 19 through Pure Noise Records.

Kevin said: “This EP is a more honest representation of how I’m feeling at the time I’m actually releasing and recording it.

“The first time around was songs from a bunch of years ago so, and more of a break-up album. Now, I’m with someone I love, and I’m a lot happier. It feels like a fresh start.”


Post Self
What A World
Cheap Talker
Long Enough
Small Theft

NYT LIV – Den døde sol (The Dead Sun)

NYT LIV will release their new album Den døde sol (TheDead Sun) on November 19.

The album is all in Danish, but still packs a punch!


1) Givet op
2) Mens livet forsvinder
3) Gra dage
4) Dit liv
5) Føler ingenting
6) Flygt
7) Begrav dig selv
8) Sluk lyset
9) I mørket

Volumes – Happier

Volumes will release new album Happier on November 19 through Fearless Records.


Get Enough
Lets Me Down
Man On Fire
See You Again
Into You (Hurt)

Helen Love – This is My World

Credit: Alison Wonderland

Helen Love will release new album This Is My World on January 28 through Alcopop! Records.

Helen said: “The album that I started recording on a misty wet February day earlier this year is not the record I was expecting to make when I finished it on a cherry blossom weekend in early April. The songs seemed to just fall out of the sky. The fuzz pedal stayed in its box, the amps were turned down, the synths made way for trumpets and a string section came out of the cupboard…whatever this record is, it’s honest.” 

Like Moths To Flames – Pure Like Porcelain

Credit: Johnny Costa

Like Moths To Flames will release new EP Pure Like Porcelain on November 5.

Speaking of the full EP, Chris Roetter explains that Pure Like Porcelain’s title is an ironic take on the impurity and imperfection of humans. The vocalist admits this was his first time writing more descriptive and detailed lyrics rather than clinging to generalised threads.

On ‘Gnashing Teeth’ he describes a dysfunctional relationship with religion, and on ‘Views From Halfway Down’ he writes of struggling with a mindset he knows is bad for him – and broadly, how humans often live in cycles of pain, addicted to behaviours we know are bad for us.

“I think the EP is just a small taste of where we could possibly go next as a band,” guitarist Zach Pishney said. “If No Eternity is considered a return to form album, then the EP is expanding those boundaries again. The coolest thing to me about the outcome of the EP is how extreme the shift in dynamic can be from song to song while still feeling like a cohesive listening experience as a whole.”


1. Ameliorate
2. Views From Halfway Down
3. The Preservation Of Hate
4. Gnashing Teeth
5. Do Not Resuscitate

Schemata Theory – Unity in Time

Schemata Theory will release new album Unity in Time on February 25.

The band said: “We wanted to explore the concept of connection in this new album and its importance in every aspect of life. Technological advancements in the 21st century have drowned us in the mass-exposure of information, revealing uncomfortable truths – and untruths – about the world and its inhabitants. As a result, it has exposed the disconnects that permeate through modern life.”

“It is an immense privilege to write music that resonates with its listeners whether online or at live shows – it’s the ultimate buzz! And so with ‘Unity in Time’ being our most passionate creation to date, we can’t wait for you all to hear it, and then for us to see your reactions.”

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