Records to look out for: February 3 teasers

Enter Shikari – A Kiss for the Whole World Enter Shikari will release new album A Kiss for the Whole World on April 21 through SO Recordings/Ambush Reality. Rou Reynolds says of the new music: “Back to basics. This band – my best friends – bundled into an old farmhouse, miles away from anywhere. Off-grid, […]

Enter Shikari – A Kiss for the Whole World

Enter Shikari will release new album A Kiss for the Whole World on April 21 through SO Recordings/Ambush Reality.

Rou Reynolds says of the new music: “Back to basics. This band – my best friends – bundled into an old farmhouse, miles away from anywhere. Off-grid, and ready to rediscover ourselves. This album is powered by the sun, the most powerful object in our solar system. And I think you can tell. It’s a collection of songs that represent an explosive reconnection with what Enter Shikari is. The beginning of our second act”.


1. A Kiss for the Whole World x
2. (pls) set me on fire
3. It Hurts
4. Leap into the Lightning
5. feed yøur søul
6. Dead Wood
7. Jailbreak
8. Bloodshot
9. Bloodshot (Coda)
10. goldfĭsh ~
11. Giant Pacific Octopus (i don’t know you anymore)
12. giant pacific octopus swirling off into infinity…

Periphery – Periphery V: Djent is not a Genre

Credit: Ekaterina Gorbacheva

Periphery will release new album Periphery V: Djent is Not a Genre on March 10 through 3dot Recordings.

“We spent more time on Periphery V than any other release in our history,” explains Mark Holcomb. “We challenged and pushed ourselves harder, and along the way we grew even closer as a band. We are so proud of the final results! I also wanted to mention how exceedingly grateful we are to our fans for being so patient in waiting for this record. We wanted to show our appreciation by giving you two songs today instead of one. We have a very busy 2023 and 2024 planned so we’ll see you on the road!”
Misha Mansoor echoes Holcomb’s sentiment: “I’m really proud of the material and it was certainly a labour of love and a tough album to make. The feeling that we were going to have to give up because it kept taking so long was so overwhelming at times, that to not just overcome it, but to feel so proud of this album has really galvanized us as a band in a way that I don’t think any other experience could have.”


  1. Wildfire
  2. Atropos
  3. Wax Wings
  4. Everything is Fine!
  5. Silhouette
  6. Dying Star
  7. Zagreus
  8. Dracul Gras
  9. Thanks Nobuo

Bar Stool Preachers – Above the Static

Bar Stool Preachers will release album Above the Static on March 31 through Pure Noise Records.

“We went in there with the idea of getting demos says frontman Tom McFaull. “We took a recording desk and everything we could fit in the car with us because we wanted to mess around and dial in a sound. But as soon as we recorded that first song, Ben and I just looked at each other and went ‘This sounds massive enough to be the real thing.’ We were there for about two-and-a-half weeks in total. The pub was closed because of Covid, so it was just us and Fletch (the owner). We’d go to bed for a few hours, wake up, the first person up would put the coffee on and press play on whatever we’d recorded the night before. We just lived it fully. We couldn’t re-record this album if we tried.”


Call Me On the Way Home
All Turned Blue
Never Gonna Happen
Lighthouse Keeper
Love The Love
Prince Of Nothing
Two Dog Night
Don’t Die Today
Going Forward

Kamelot – The Awakening

Credit: Nat Enemede

Kamelot will release new album The Awakening on March 17 through Napalm Records.

KAMELOT guitarist Thomas Youngblood says: “With The Awakening, we have one of our most diverse albums in years. We’ve fused elements from progressive, power and gothic metal to symphonic and melodic metal on this one. Working with incredible guest artists from around the music industry and having producer Sascha Paeth and Jacob Hansen mixing gave us another step up on overall sound. This album offers everything to KAMELOT fans and also reaches beyond borders to new metal and hard rock legions.” 


1. Overture (Intro)
2. The Great Divide
3. Eventide
4. One More Flag in the Ground
5. Opus of the Night (Ghost Requiem)
6. Midsummer’s Eve
7. Bloodmoon
8. NightSky
9. The Looking Glass
10. New Babylon
11. Willow
12. My Pantheon (Forevermore)
13. Ephemera (Outro)

Himalayas – From Hell to Here

Credit: Andrew Cooper

Himalayas will release debut album From Hell to Here on May 5 through Nettwerk.


1.      From Hell To Here

2.      Darkest Before The Dawn

3.      Somebody Else

4.      Into The Trap

5.      Mistakes

6.      The Mirror

7.      Alone

8.      Leave This Place

9.      Out Of The Dark And Into The Light

10.   Flatline

11.   Will We Make It

12.   After Time

All Time Low – Tell Me I’m Alive

Credit: Ashley Osborn

All Time Low will release new album Tell Me I’m Alive on March 17.

Paige Kennedy – Doubles

Paige Kennedy will release EP Doubles on April 14.

Ruston Kelly – The Weakness

Ruston Kelly will release new album The Weakness on April 14 through Rounder Records.

Stoned Jesus – Father Light

Credit: Mateusz Kluba

Stoned Jesus will release new album Father Light on March 3 through Season of Mist.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Igor Sydorenko comments: “I wrote these songs mostly in 2019, we worked on them through 2020, recorded them in 2021 and were ready to release them in 2022…and finally the first batch of them is coming out as Father Light in 2023! So this is neither our “pandemic” nor our “war” record, this is something I was really obsessed about many months ago – climate change, media numbness, corporations’ impact, social divisions…

“But revisiting these issues years later shows that they’re still important and this is still something that resonates with us – and hopefully will resonate with many other people, too. Musically I think this is our most diverse and mature record to date, but there’s a good dose of old school Stoned Jesus there too!

“Anyway, enjoy this one and fingers crossed for 2024’s release of Mother Dark – the moodier, more personal, more experimental sister album to Father Light.


1. Father Light
2. Season of the Witch
3. Thought and Prayers
4. Porcelain
5. CON
6. Get What You Deserve

Fall Out Boy – So Much (for) Stardust

Credit: Pamela Littky

Fall Out Boy will release new album So Much (for) Stardust on March 24 through Fueled By Ramen/Elektra.

“Technology has made it really easy to make records much more quickly these days. There’s nothing wrong with that, and that spontaneity can be exciting,” shares FOB’s Patrick Stump. “But we wanted to get back to the way we used to work. We wanted to make a record that was really lovingly crafted and deliberate and patiently guided – like someone cooked you a delicate meal. I’m not a very proud guy, but I’m pretty proud of this record.”

“Our band has been an ongoing art project for twenty years and we know there have been many inception points along that journey,” says FOB’s Pete Wentz. “We wanted to create an album that merged those points together – something new, but carved from our foundation. Fueled By Ramen and Elektra seemed like the perfect home for this.”

“We’re incredibly excited to welcome back Fall Out Boy to the Fueled By Ramen family. It’s been twenty years since the release of their debut album on Fueled By Ramen, and it’s a true pleasure to be working together again. Growing up in Chicago, I had the privilege of watching Fall Out Boy play DIY venues around the city, eventually growing into the global superstars we know them as today,”says Johnny Minardi, VP of A&R for Fueled By Ramen/Elektra. “They are a truly special band that has altered the landscape of rock music and who continually evolve with each new release. They have made an incredible album and we can’t wait for the world to hear it.”

The Bouncing Souls – Ten Stories High

Credit: Jesse Korman

The Bouncing Souls will release new album Ten Stories High on March 24 through Pure Noise Records.

The Bouncing Souls took to discussions with fans for their stories as a focus for the album.

“It was so refreshing to be like ‘Oh cool we’re going to get to know someone’,” Attonito explains. “We’ve written so many songs from our own experiences but this time we really stepped outside of that.”

The Souls would learn about their fans’ lives, and then dive into tightly regimented writing sessions to turn the things they’d heard into the makings of songs. Eventually the group decamped with Will Yip in Philadelphia to hone their demos, write more, and record Ten Stories High. The result is an album that draws directly from stories of life’s ups and downs, the moments of joy, sadness, and excitement that end up bonding us together. “We’ve been writing songs together for 30 years and that’s been amazing,” Attonito says, “but this felt like something new: a way to tell someone else’s story and have a whole new journey.”


1. Ten Stories High
2. Back To Better
3. Another Day In Denver
4. True Believer Radio
5. Shannon’s Song
6. Andy and Jackie
7. Vin and Casey
8. Magnus Air Organ
9. To Be Human
10. Higher Ground

As Everything Unfolds – Ultraviolet

As Everything Unfolds will release second album Ultraviolet on April 21 through Long Branch Records.

Charlie Rolfe said: “The new album Ultraviolet is an open work on the thoughts and feelings surrounding us at the time. The anger, the frustration, the progress, everything on show, nothing to hide. Darkroom practice is something that has been a large part of my creative path, finding links between the emotion in music, putting everything on display for all to listen and exposing a colour photograph, putting it on display for all to see. Only when you are exposed to ultraviolet light can you see life in full colour.”


1. Ultraviolet
2. Felt Like Home
3. Slow Down
4. Saint Or Rogue
5. Blossom
6. Infrared
7. Flip Side
8. Twilight
9. Rose Bouquets
10. Daylight
11 All I’ve Ever Known

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