Records to look out for – August 5 edition

Welcome to our weekly round up of some of the recently announced albums and EPs from across the alternative music world!

Armor For Sleep – The Rain Museum

Credit: Blair Todd

Armor For Sleep will release new album The Rain Museum on September 9 through Rude Records. It is the first new music for 15 years.

Vocalist Ben Jorgensen said: “We are very excited to share our new album, The Rain Museum. Back in 2020, at the start of the pandemic and at the start of our collective lockdown, I made it my mission to finish writing a concept album that had been in my mind for many years but was never able to bring to life.

“The Rain Museum was initially a short story I wrote many years ago about a post-apocalyptic
Earth and a mysterious museum in the middle of the desert. Weaving the story into an album was
going to be my quarantine project.

“Unfortunately, my marriage of nearly eight years and basically my entire life fell apart as I was beginning the writing process. The one thing I had in my life to divert my attention from what I was going through was the creative process of writing that album. But because I couldn’t ignore what I was going through personally, I wound up writing about myself and what I was going through and putting that into the story of the album and into the world I had been creating for this concept record.

“In the end, it’s an album about facing some of the most painful parts of being human and how lost we can get. I just hope it will speak to people going through their own dark times, as my favourite art certainly helped me get through mine.”


1. The Rain Museum
2. How Far Apart
3. See You On The Other Side
4. World Burn Down
5. In This Nightmare Together
6. New Rainbows
7. I’m Not Myself
8. Whatever Who Cares
9. Rather Drown
10. A Teardrop On The Surface Of The Sun
11. Tomorrow Faded Away
12. Spinning Through Time

Silversun Pickups – Physical Thrills

Silversun Pickups will be releasing new album Physical Thrills on August 19 through New Machine Recordings.

Brian Aubert said: “This record is alive. It sits somewhere in between a collection of songs and an imaginary friend. A friend that from March of 2020 to April of 2021 would not only introduce itself to me but keep me company through that time of intense isolation. A friend that would remind me that in this instance, the whole world was feeling the same way as well.

“A comforting, playful, sometimes frightened, often delighted friend. A friend that was finally introduced to Butch Vig, once we got vaccinated, and blew through his studio like a tornado made of cotton candy, leaving little pieces of residue everywhere. But most importantly, this friend REALLY doesn’t give a fuck. I know. That sounds brash. I just mean it’s a thing that is truly free. And now, this little living head space no longer visits me. I visit it through this album. I hope you like it. My friend wouldn’t care. Little rascal.”

No Devotion – No Oblivion

No Devotion will release new album No Oblivion on September 16.


01. Starlings
02. No Oblivion
03 A Sky Deep and Clear
04. Love Songs From Fascist Italy
05. The End of Longing
06. Endless Desire
07. Repeaters
08. In A Broken Land

Escuela Grind – Memory Theater

Credit: Johnathan Vahid

Escuela Grind will release new album Memory Theater on September 30 via MNRK Heavy.


1. Endowed With Windows
2. My Heart, My Hands
3. Cliffhanger
4. Strange Creature
5. Faulty Blueprints
6. All Is Forgiven
7. Forced Collective Introspection
8. The Feed
9. Memory Theater

Holy Fawn – Dimensional Bleed

Holy Fawn will release new record Dimensional Bleed on September 9 through Wax Bodega.

We’re always going to be the same four humans making music,” explains singer/guitarist Ryan Osterman.

“With every release, I feel like we’ve continued to learn how to best support each other both mentally and musically, which enables us to try new things. Personally, I think this record has truly allowed us to explore more creative avenues than we did with ‘Death Spells’.” 

“Dimensional Bleed’ vaguely refers to a concept of multiple dimensions and timelines that
could exist simultaneously,” a
dds guitar player Evan Phelps. “A lot of different media has
alluded to this ideology, and I find the possibility of multiple dimensions intersecting and
bleeding into others to be fascinating.”


1. Hexsewn
2. Death Is A Relief
3. Lift Your Head
4. Empty Vials
5. Amaranthine
6. Dimensional Bleed (linked to video)
7. Sightless
8. Voice of Light
9. True Loss
10. Blood Memory

Sunliner – Sunliner

Sunliner will release their self-titled album on November 4 through Lockjaw Records.


1. Palliative Care
2. Jo, Joni, Mary & Maria
3. 4am
4. I Call Him Gamblore
5. Worry
6. Rats
7. Dialtones
8. Salad Days
9. Ache
10. What a Time to be Alive

Eat Your Heart Out – Can’t Stay Forever

Eat Your Heart Out will release new album Can’t Stay Forever on September 9 through Fearless Records.

Vocalist Caitlin Henry said: “Everything always moves into a new phase. It might feel bad at the time. When you look back on change, it’s always for the best. The pandemic showed me that in a way. It changed everything we’d been planning for the band. We just had to work our jobs and be at home. We established more adult routines, which gave us a chance to experience normality. Nothing is permanent. Anything can change at any time. You have to see the positives.”


“Forget Me”
“Deep End”

Until I Wake – Inside My Head

Until I Wake will release new album Inside My Head on September 9 through Fearless Records.


“The Sacrifice”
“hope ur happy”
Inside My Head
“Still Sinking”
“Blue Beam”
“For the Record”
“Marching Forward”

The Dangerous Summer – Coming Home

The Dangerous Summer will release new album Coming Home on August 26 through Rude Records.

Vocalist/bassist AJ Perdomo said: We named the album ‘Coming Home’ because it’s about coming back to ourselves.

“A full rock band vibe centred around driving guitars and emotionally heart-wrenching lyrics. It felt like a full-circle moment. It was the first time the four of us got in a room, lived in the studio for almost two months, and dug deep with sleepless nights and everything to get it done.” 


1. Coming Home
2. All I Ever Wanted Was A Chance To Know Myself
3. Sideways
4. Dimensional Love
5. Big Green Eyes
6. Gold Star
7. Meet Me In The Morning
8. Polarity
9. Wide Open
10. Someday
11. Goodbye

Alter Bridge – Pawns & Kings

Credit: Chuck Brueckmann

Alter Bridge will release new album Pawns & Kings on October 14 through Napalm Records.


1)  This Is War
2)  Dead Among The Living
3)  Silver Tongue
4)  Sin After Sin
5)  Stay
6)  Holiday
 7)  Fable Of The Silent Son
 8)  Season Of Promise
 9)  Last Man Standing
 10) Pawns & Kings

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