Record Roundup: New album teasers for May 17

Welcome to the New Records round up, where we bring you teasers of some of the recently announced albums and EPs we’re most excited for!

In this week’s Record Roundup, we bring you nine of the recently announced albums and EPs from the alternative music world that we think you’ll love!

HammerFall – Avenge the Fallen

HammerFall will release new album Avenge the Fallen on August 9 through Nuclear Blast Records.

“This is our 13th album”Joacim Cans says with pride.

How do you still stay relevant after 13 albums? It’s very much like the opening line to the song ‘Avenge The Fallen’: “What is the worst, be the one who died, or be the one who survived.”

“Think about it, because it is a tough question”.

He continues: “Do we want to be a band who releases new music just for the sole reason of getting out on the road again or do we want to keep pushing and challenging ourselves? In times where people have less and less attention span, we still think in the form of full-length albums. A few good songs don’t make a strong album. A strong album comes from an album full a great songs and that’s what we’re delivering with Avenge The Fallen.” 

Kissin Dynamite – Back With a Bang!

Credit: Holger Fichtner

Kissin Dynamite will release their new album Back With a Bang on July 5 through Napalm Records.


Back With A Bang
My Monster
Raise Your Glass
Queen Of The Night
The Devil Is A Woman
The Best Is Yet To Come
I Do It My Way
More Is More
Learn To Fly
When The Lights Go Out

Nightwish – Yesterwynde

Credit: Tim Tronckoe

Nightwish will release new album Yesterwynde on September 20 through Nuclear Blast Records.

Tuomas Holopainen stated about the new album: Yesterwynde is a fantastical voyage through time, memory, and the better angels of human nature. Three years in the making, we’re thrilled beyond words to soon share our tenth album with the world!”


An Ocean Of Strange Islands
The Antikythera Mechanism
The Day Of…
Perfume Of The Timeless
The Children Of ‘Ata
Something Whispered Follow Me
Spider Silk
The Weave

Yours Truly – Toxic

Credit: Max Palasic

Yours Truly will release new album Toxic on August 16 through UNFD.


Back 2 U
California Sober
Let Go
All That I’m Not
Love Feels Like
Bloodshot Eyes
Sinking feat. Bloom
Call My Name

Coughin Vicars – Curses & Prayers

Credit: Kevin Banks

Coughin Vicars will release album Cursed & Prayers on July 26 through Venn Records.


Lo And Behold
Rips Of Rain
Until The Feeling Turns Cold
One Cuff Fits All
The Reach
Reverse The Wound
Last But Not Least
The Act
Redefined Zero
Doomsday Lottery
Thief Of Joy

Potato – Stew

Potato will release EP Stew on July 26 through Moonkin Records.


Post-Potato Reprise
Almost Gone

The Wytches – Replica

Credit: Mark Breed

The Wytches will release new EP Replica on July 5 through Alcopop! Records. The EP sees the band cover four songs, putting their own twists on tracks by Pentagram, Porter Wagoner, Chet Baker and John Cale.

Vocalist and guitarist Kristian Bell said: “Over the last couple years we’ve recorded more demos than we ever used to.

“I was carting around my whole recording rig to band practice or wherever we’d set up to play for most of 2022, just to try and better my recording skills. Covers have always been good for that.

“If I’m feeling rusty with songwriting I focus on the recording side of things and just put down covers as a way to try and break out of a creative slump. These covers are kind of a documentation of that. They were all recorded in different houses with my portable rig which is just a couple preamps and a Tascam 58 8-track tape machine.”

“Me and Mark (Breed, guitar/keys) recorded the ‘Be Forewarned’ cover in my bedroom of a flat we were living in at the time.

“We thought we’d soundproofed it well, but a couple friends happened to be outside at the time, and they filmed my window and sent it to me. The noise was stupidly loud, it was such a disruption on the street, but quite a nice payback in a way, as we lived above a nightclub. We recorded the whole thing in about an hour, it was the most stress free recording we’ve done.”


Be Forewarned (Pentagram cover)
Rubber Room (Porter Wagoner cover)
The Thrill Is Gone (Chet Baker cover)
Gun (John Cale cover)

Quireboys – Wardour Street

Quireboys will release new album Wardour Street on September 13 through Cadiz Music.

Mannequin Death Squad – Wise and Dangerous

Credit: Rebecca Dimovski

Mannequin Death Squad will release new album Wild and Dangerous on November 22 through their own Riot Love Records.

They said: “We are so excited to announce our second album ‘Wise and Dangerous” will be released November 22 this year. This one feels super special to us, we explore a bit of a different style in some tracks but it’s still full of everything that makes us MDS.

“A lot of the songs were written on tour just after the world opened up again a couple of years ago. So there is a hell of a lot of energy and raw emotion scattered throughout the 11 tracks. ‘Wise and Dangerous’ is a concept album about how people can be considered dangerous by those who seek to control them.”

“We drew inspiration from some things that we went through recently, so it was a lot of fun road testing these tracks throughout Australia, UK, Europe and even India last year. It was very cathartic so we can’t wait to tour the new album in full when it’s out.“


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