Record Roundup: New album teasers for April 26

Take a look at our weekly Record Roundup, where we bring you teasers for some of the recently announced albums and EPs across the alternative music world.

We thought we’d help you out with finding the best new albums and EPs to check out by creating a weekly Record Roundup.

This roundup will see us highlight 9 recently announced albums and EPs from the alternative music world that we think you’ll love.

Return To Dust – Return to Dust

Credit: Matt Akana

Grunge rockers Return To Dust will release their self titled album on May 3 through Jim Kaufman Productions.

The band said: “The timeline for our self-titled album goes farther back than people realize. This record is our warmest welcome, because it comes from the most genuine of places, where we didn’t fully understand ourselves, and the world around us was rapidly changing.

“It’s a cataclysmic mess of emotions, growing pains, youth and maturity, and we’re proud to call it our first. Aptly named, this album is Return to Dust.”


  1. Black Road
  2. Belly Up
  3. Anyway I Die
  4. Cellophane
  5. Face Down
  6. No Love
  7. Bad News
  8. About The World
  9. Live Like This
  10. Strangers
  11. When You Look At Me

Candy – It’s Inside You

Credit: Jason Nocito

Hardcore band Candy will release new album It’s Inside You on June 7 through Relapse Records.


1. eXistenZ
2. Short-Circuit (feat. Aaron Melnick)
3. You Will Never Get Me (feat. Justice Tripp)
4. It’s Inside You (feat. David Gagliardi)
5. Love Like Snow (feat. MIRSY & mmph)
6. Dehumanize Me
7. Faith 91
8. Terror Management
9. Dreams Less Sweet
10. Silent Collapse
11. Dancing to the Infinite Beat
12. Hypercore

Disciple B. C – Blood, Power, Sacrifice

D-beat band Disciple B. C. will release their debut album Blood, Power, Sacrifice on June 7 through Scene Report Records.


  1. Onward Christian Soldiers
  2. Last Days
  3. River Of Fire
  4. The Power of Blood
  5. Satan Is Real
  6. Ave Maria
  7. Pray
  8. Testify
  9. The Bottom Of Your Soul

Mt. Onsra – Sacred Time

Mt. Onsra will release new album Sacred Time on June 28 through their own South of Devon Records.


1. Emergent

2. Fever Dream

3. | Question |

4. Integration

5. Revelation

6. The Depths We Dive

7. The King’s Return

8. Universal

9. Voices

Hrtlss – Blood Moon

Credit: Adrienn Rusz

Hrtlss will release new EP Blood Moon on May 31.

The alt-rocker said: “This body of work is a deep dive into pain, self pity and self destruction, but ultimately, the idea of losing oneself and becoming who they were meant to be. I took inspiration from the dark and grungy aesthetics of vampire movies.

“This project starts at the end of the story and works its way back through the EP, with each song being a different stage in the coming to terms of the state the character finds themselves in.”


1. Blood Moon

2. Daylight

3. Hive

Scattered Ashes – All that is Solid Melts into the Air

Credit: @snapbymaya

Scattered Ashes will release debut EP All that is Solid Melts into the Air on June 14 through Blowtorch Records.

The post-punk band took the name from a Karl Marx quote.

Frontman Rob Dalton said: “Marx was referring to non-economic relationships and aspects of human life in the future, i.e. art, love, food, family, religious conviction or the pursuit of knowledge—in short, everything that gives us true meaning and fulfilment, and how it will be co-opted by endless expansion and exploitation. This is a future the band believes we are living in.

“There was a lot of serendipity on this record and at times it felt like we were expelling a lot of demons.

“This record was special, the words and the music just flew out, it felt different.”

REZN – Burden

Credit: Alexa Vicius

REZN will release album Burden on June 14 through Sargent House!


1. Indigo
2. Instinct
3. Descent of Sinuous Corridors
4. Bleak Patterns
5. Collapse
6. Soft Prey
7. Chasm

Powerwolf – Wake up the Wicked

Credit: Matteo Vdiva Fabbiani for VD Pictures

Powerwolf will release new album Wake up the Wicked on July 26 through Napalm Records.


1.    Bless ’em With the Blade
2.    Sinners of the Seven Seas
3.    Kyrie Klitorem
4.    Heretic Hunters
5.    1589
6.    Viva Vulgata
7.    Wake Up the Wicked
8.    Joan of Arc
9.    Thunderpriest
10.   We Don’t Wanna Be No Saints
11.   Vargamor

Graphic Nature – Who Are You When No One is Watching?

British metallers Graphic Nature’s latest album Who Are You When No One Is Watching? will be released on July 12 through Rude Records.

“Who Are You When No One Is Watching?” is an album focused solely on the human emotion,” reveals frontman, Harvey Freeman.

“It stems from how one bad day can change everything and how you deal with the outcome in the future, from worsened mental illness to paranoia, selfishness and ptsd. The album aims to start the question everyone truly wants to know.”

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