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It’s Friday! So that means we take a look at some of the most exciting recently announced records!

Prince Daddy & The Hyena – Cosmic Thrill Seekers

Albany punk rockers Prince Daddy & The Hyena will be releasing their highly anticipated new single Cosmic Thrill Seekers on June 28.

The record is full of many things but has a focus on Dorothy Gale and The Wizard Of Oz. “Dorothy was the OG cosmic thrill seeker,” frontman Kory Gregory says. “Dorothy kind of encompasses everything I was trying to get at.”

There are three acts in Cosmic Thrill Seekers, each exploring a stage in Gregory’s mental health. “I remember watching the Wizard of Oz one time, and noticing some weird kind of parallels between the cyclical nature of my mental health and that movie,” he says. “My mental health rotates and jumps from one stage to the next, and then repeats itself.” The closing moments of Cosmic Thrill Seekers reflect this, as the outro to the last track, “The Wacky Misadventures of the Passenger,” morphs into the first muted notes of opener “I Lost My Life.”

Kory wrote the entirety of Cosmic Thrill Seekers alone over the course of the last four years. Not even his bandmates knew what was coming; while recording this past winter at PonderRosa Studios with producer-on-the-rise Nick “Scoops” Daradaris, Gregory would even ask them to leave the room while doing vocal takes. Their trust throughout the entire process, and of course the finished product, are tributes to the sort of friendship and community that surround Prince Daddy.

Cosmic Thrill Seekers Tracklist:

The Heart / Passenger
1. I Lost My Life
2. Lauren (Track 2)
3. Fuckin’ A
4. Dialogue
5. Cosmic Thrill Seeking Forever

The Brain / Driver
6. Slip
7. The Prototype of the Ultimate Lifeform
8. Breather
9. Ursula Merger

The Roar / Random Passerby
10. Dream Nails
11. C’Mon & Smoke Me Up
12. Trying Times
13. Klonopin
14. Wacky Misadventures of The Passenge

Northlane – Alien

Australian metalcorers Northlane have revealed details of their new album! Alien is set for release on August 2 through UNFD.

Alien is the most personal record in the band’s career so far.  “I was raised in hell but I made it out,” says Northlane vocalist Marcus Bridge. “Raised in a place I shouldn’t have been, and no child should have been. But I’ve been able to break free.”


Details Matter
Talking Heads

Woes – Awful Truth

Woes will be releasing their new record Awful Truth on June 28 through UNFD. The record is the band’s most ambitious to date.

Vocalist DJ explains: “Awful Truth is a record about the realities of the progression of our band over the last 18 months. Going from some guys occasionally playing gigs and trying to practice every week. to playing a sold out show at Brixton, having people turned away from our Slam Dunk sets because they were full, touring the UK and Europe 5 times in a year.

And it’s about the duality of that experience. So, on the one hand, we’re doing all these insane things, seeing all of our hard work start to pay off, meeting all these people that love our music. But on the other hand, we’re broke, it’s taking a huge toll on our relationships back home, having to take huge periods of time off work unpaid… Luke had to quit his job at one point, no savings, no real backup plan. And the record talks about both sides of the coin, we were lucky in a sense that we were writing and recording at the same time – it’s a real look into making your first record. The stress, the pressure, but then the moments of accomplishment that make it worthwhile”

Track listing
1. Boy
2. Fake Friends
3. Fancy
4. Money Shoe
5. Awful Truth
6. Suburbs
7. Mess
8. Cross
9. Gone Forever
10. Ugly

Hot Water Music – Shake Up The Shadows

Hot Water Music‘s latest EP Shake Up The Shadows will be out on May 24 through Epitaph. Shake Up The Shadows has a varied style, with influences being taken from the members’ other projects, creating a unique blend of tracks.


By Any Means
Shake Up The Shadows
Rebellion Story
Afar and Away


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