New records to look out for: Teasers for September 22

Welcome to our weekly round up of some of the recently announced albums and EPs that we’re excited for.

Cauldron – Suicide in the City

Cauldron will release their debut album Suicide in the City on November 3 through The Coming Strife Records.

“The album’s concept was conceived during the worst period of my life,” states vocalist Frazer Cassling. “The story is laced with things I needed to write to myself. During this time I was diagnosed with OCD, and this really changed the shape of where the album was going. The lyrics are ultra-personal, whilst being really story-focused.”

Moskito – G.R.I.M

Moskito will release their debut EP G.R.I.M on October 13.

Front man Jake Rudd shares – “The EP was written during a turbulent time of our lives. We have all suffered grief, chaos and mourning and fought our way back as warriors, often losing yourself in your own head during the process. Being lost in your head, partnered with seismic events in our lives, u-turned our creative space to a dark path and unwillingly thrusted us towards G.R.I.M era.”


Killing Joke




Thrill Seeker

‘68 – Yes And…

’68 will release new album Yes And… on September 29.

Vocalist/guitarist Josh Scogin said: “This is by far the heaviest album ’68 has ever done.  It wasn’t on purpose, it just sort of evolved into what it is.  As soon as we could see the full gravitas of the album, we just leaned into it. Many of the bluesy tracks didn’t find a home and some of the parts that were on the fence, we doused with gasoline.  For us, the pendulum has never been extended so far, in one direction. This is exciting because it was obvious how this album needed to turn out and it pretty much solidifies how the next album will end up as well.


1. With Distance Between
2. The Captains Sat
3. Removed Their Hooks
4. Removed Their Hats
5. “Let’s Be Friends”
6. “End This War”
7. They All Agreed
8. Then Got Bored
9. Within The Hour, They Were No More

Tijuana Bibles – Free Milk

Tijuana Bibles will release new record Free Milk on December 8 through Button Up Records.

Hollow Front – The Fear of Letting Go

Hollow Front will release new album The Fear of Letting Go on October 27 through UNFD!


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September 22, 2023

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