New records to look out for – teasers for November 10

Check out these teasers for albums and EPs that have recently been announced!

Scott Stapp – Higher Power

Credit: Sebastian Smith

Scott Stapp will release new album Higher Power on March 15 through Napalm Records.

Scott said:  Higher Power was born out of never ending consequences with triggered, yet naïve defiance. It’s the realities and realizations of being human in this experiment we call life – holding onto hope in the dark waiting for the light.”          


1. Higher Power
2. Deadman’s Trigger
3. When Love Is Not Enough
4. What I Deserve (feat. Yiannis Papadopoulos)
5. If These Walls Could Talk (feat. Dorothy)
6. Black Butterfly
7. Quicksand (feat. Yiannis Papadopoulos)
8. You’re Not Alone
9. Dancing in the Rain (feat. Yiannis Papadopoulos)
10. Weight of the World

Continents – Lifeline

Continents will release their new EP Lifeline on November 24.

Vocalist Philip Cross said: “Lifeline is about being giving another chance and failing at suicide……don’t let the sadness and intrusive thoughts win.” The EP tackles messages of mental health, something that is very close to the band’s hearts. Philip continues to share – “The artwork has a concept with 6 meanings. We’ve created a ghost figure as a simple way to represent six quite difficult concepts in mental health. The smiling mask represents the fake smile of a narcissist and the idea of smiling to hide depression, the ghost is both about being haunted by trauma and social anxiety by hiding under a sheet, and the lantern represents both gaslighting and a lamp to find your way out of the darkness.”





Gritted Teeth

Dogma – Self-titled

Dogma will release their self-titled debut album on November 17 through MNRK Heavy!


1. Forbidden Zone
2. Feel The Zeal
3. My First Peak
4. Made Her Minde
5. Carnal Liberation
6. Free Yourself
7. Bare to the Bones
8. Make Us Proud
9. Pleasure From Pain
10. Father I Have Sinned
11. The Dark Messiah

The Dialetic – Crawl to the Throne

The Dialetic will release new EP Crawl to the Throne on November 17 through Seek & Strike!

Vocalist Mitch Howie said: “When we wrote ‘Murder Machine,’ the EP’s concept immediately started to dive into the pursuit of opening eyes to governmental corruption and politicians spilling innocent blood for corruption, without getting their hands dirty themselves. Every song follows this theme. 

“The writing process for this EP started out almost immediately after the official release of our last EP, A Falsehood Defined. We strived to put more emphasis on crafting faster, more aggressive sounds that we leaned into on the last EP, but with a more raw feeling in the lyrics. We shifted our lyrical content towards subjects that really matter to us (military, government, deep state corruption) and began to make sure the whole EP really followed those subjects. The other songs quickly followed suit and the ideas really fell into place once the title track. ‘Crawl To The Throne,’ was written, and the lyrics had a certain emotional feel.

“We have soldiers go to war and destroy their bodies for the government’s financial gain. Only to crawl back home to be handed a piece of metal, just to be quickly tossed aside so that the new generations can follow suit.

“This EP is about the cost and reward (or lack there of) of going to war to fight for a government that doesn’t even know your name.”


1 Obey
2 Murder Machine
3 Harvest The Young
4Crawl To The Throne
5 My Kindred

South Of Salem – Death of the Party

Credit: Scott Chalmers

South Of Salem will release new record Death of the Party on January 19.


1: Vultures
2: Static
3: Jet Black Eyes
4: Stitch The Wound
5: Left For Dead
6: Hellbound Heart
7: Bad Habits (Die Hard)
8: Death Of The Party
9: A Life Worth Dying For
10: Villain

Have Mercy – Numb

Credit: Rick Barnwell

Have Mercy will release album Numb on December 8 through Rude Records.

Speaking on the new album, Brian Swindle says: “The best music Have Mercy has written and released are the songs that happen organically. The songs that aren’t forced or influenced by people outside of the group. This record was just us three guys writing music because we enjoy it. It’s a challenge to write something cool. Lyrically, the record had no choice but to be influenced by my sobriety, new marriage, and repairing / disconnecting from relationships with people. Over the last couple of years, there have been a lot of changes. We’ve all had to face demons and come to grips with what our realities are and how to sustain a healthier lifestyle.

We wrote and recorded the majority of this record in my basement. It’s truly a homegrown record and to me it feels very reminiscent of our first record The Earth Pushed Back. It’s a band again, a group effort. I’m really happy that we’re all in each other’s lives again.”


1. Alive

2. Numb

3. Hey

4. Friday

5. Big Surprise

6. Middle

7. I Can’t Stay

8. Sick Of It

9. Hit The Ground

10. Floating

The Infernal Sea – Hellfenlic

Credit: Jay Russell

The Infernal Sea will release album Hellfenlic on January 26 through Candlelight Records.


1. Lord Abhorrent
2. Shadow Of The Beast
3. Witchfinder
4. The Hunter
5. Bastard Of The East 
6. Black Witchery
7. Frozen Fen
8. Messenger Of God

Alkaline Trio – Blood, Hair and Eyeballs

Alkaline Trio will release new album Blood, Hair and Eyeballs on January 26 through Rise Records.

“My mom worked for years as an emergency room nurse,” says vocalist/guitarist/founder Matt Skiba. “She and her co-workers referred to exceptionally busy nights as ‘blood, hair, and eyeballs’. Well, we’ve been busy making an exceptional record we refer to as “Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs”, too.

“We approached this new record in completely new ways”, Matt added. “We built the songs together, from the ground up, in the same room which hasn’t happened since the band started. Usually, we start with an idea somebody’s already written. This time, we had the unique opportunity to build the songs onto drums recorded at Studio 606 onto two-inch tape using one of the most beautiful-sounding and legendary consoles in rock. It has almost everything to do with how our new record sounds.”


Hot For Preacher
Meet Me
Versions Of You
Bad Time
Shake With Me
Blood, Hair, And Eyeballs
Broken Down In A Time Machine
Teenage Heart

DragonForce – Warp Speed Warriors

Credit: Travis Shinn

DragonForce will release new album Warp Speed Warriors on March 15 through Napalm Records.

On Warp Speed Warriors, Herman Li said: “After four years of creative incubation, we are beyond excited to release what we believe to be our most ambitious and grandiose record yet. This album showcases multiple facets of our artistic abilities, and we invite metal aficionados from every corner of the genre to discover something captivating within its layers. We can’t wait to share this chapter of our musical journey with you, it’s going to be EPIC!”



1    Astro Warrior Anthem
2    Power of the Triforce
3    Kingdom of Steel
4    Burning Heart
5    Space Marine Corp
6    Doomsday Party
7    Prelude to Darkness
8    The Killer Queen
9    Pixel Prison

Blackout Problems – Riot

Blackout Problems will release new album Riot on February 23.

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