New records to look out for: Teasers for March 8

Welcome to our weekly round up of some of the albums and EPs we’re most excited for!

There are always so many albums and EPs being announced that it can get overwhelming and there’s bound to be some you miss. Here we try to help ease that burden by bringing you teasers for 10 of the recently announced records we’re most excited for!

Red Vanilla – Days of Grey

Credit: Mark Sharp

Red Vanilla will release their debut EP Days of Grey on June 7.

“This band is the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning, and the last thing before I fall asleep at night,” says vocalist Anna Forsyth. “I’ve fantasised about life in a band ever since I was a kid, so releasing music like this with my best friends is a dream come true, and we’re just at the very beginning. I’m so proud of this EP, and equally as excited for everything yet to come.”

Kasabian – Happenings

Credit: Neil Bedford

Kasabian will release their new album Happenings on July 5 through Columbia Records.


1. Darkest Lullaby
2. Call
3. How Far Will You Go
4. Coming Back To Me Good
5. G.O.A.T.
6. Passengers
7. The Hell Of It
8. Italian Horror
9. Bird In A Cage
10. Algorithms

Grumpster – Grumpster

Grumpster will release their self-titled album on April 26 through Pure Noise Records.

“Grumpster is an album mostly about mental health. It’s about the ebbs and flows of mental health, depression, anxiety, love, physical health, etc. This collection of songs is all about lived experiences, feelings, emotions, and how it felt to exist in general over the past couple of years.”

Lowlives – Freaking Out

Credit: Will Foster

Lowlives will release debut album Freaking Out on May 31 through Spinefarm Records.


1. Freaking Out
2. Liar
3. Getting High on Being Low
4. Swan Dive
5. Loser
6. You Don’t care
7. Out of Step
8. Closer Than You Know
9. Damien
10. Vertigo

Microwave – Lets Start Degeneracy

Microwave will release fourth album Lets Start Degeneracy on April 26 through Pure Noise Records.


1. Portals
2. Ferrari
3. Circling The Drain
4. Bored of Being Sad
5. Straw Hat
6. LSD
7. Omni
8. Strangers
9. Concertito
10. Huperzine

Attendant – State of Disarray

Credit: Dave Parker

Attendant will release new album State of Disarray on June 21.

“State of Disarray is a rock soap opera set in a collapsing society. It begins with an invitation into the dysfunctional community and ends in nuclear Armageddon”, mentions Attendant vocalist Andy Walker.

“Each song is a subplot, featuring a cast of mostly unpleasant people. The lyrics lampoon these characters in protest at the societal ills they represent.”


1) State of Disarray

2) Patriot Parade

3) Chimera

4) I, Luddite

5) Blackball

6) Margarita and the Kiss of Death

7) Schadenfreude

8) Earworm

9) The Last Act

10) Mortal Coil

Linkin Park – Papercuts (Singles Collection 2000-2023)

Linkin Park will release their Papercuts (Singles Collection 2000-2023) album on April 18 through Warner Records.

It is the first career-spanning greatest hits album from the band.

Alongside the greatest hits, the album also features a newly released song Friendly Fire taken from the recording sessions for One More Light.


  1. Crawling
  2. Faint
  3. Numb/Encore
  4. Papercut
  5. Breaking The Habit
  6. In The End
  7. Bleed It Out
  8. Somewhere I Belong
  9. Waiting For The End
  10. Castle Of Glass
  11. One More Light
  12. Burn It Down
  13. What I’ve Done
  14. QWERTY
  15. One Step Closer
  16. New Divide
  17. Leave Out All The Rest
  18. Lost
  19. Numb
  20. Friendly Fire

Daytime TV – Island

Credit: Rory Barnes

Daytime TV will release EP Island on May 3 through Kartel Music Group.

“‘Island.’ is an EP centred around escapism and defiance. Moving against the things that slow us down and chip away at us. Releasing ourselves from ‘the way you’re meant to do things’ in 2024 and being free both in our minds and in our music.

The idea of just being a standard rock band is really boring to us. We want to bend genres and cross borders with these songs, not play it safe. We wanted to have some of those nostalgic 80s tones in there amongst some real ‘future’ sounding stuff that won’t be as familiar to people. That’s kind of been our ethos for this EP and it’s landed us exactly where we want to be”, comments vocalist and guitarist Will Irvine.


1. So Sick

2. Lost in Tokyo

3. Fear

4. Waves

5. Block Out The Noise

Shrapnel – In Gravity

Credit: Andy Ford

Shrapnel will release album In Gravity on May 31 through Candlelight Records!

Guitarist Chris Martin comments: “We’ve channelled every bit of suffering, devastation, and emotion that we’ve experienced in recent years. We’ve never been so confident about our own material.”

Continuing, Chris adds: “As an album, In Gravity really has a focus on how we all deal with problems of varying extremities. We wanted to take a look at how some of the solutions to our problems become problems in of themselves, be that addiction or anything else.

“It’s an album about how difficult it can be to face those problems many of us share. It was written during tragedy, and we’re rolling it out during some difficult times for us. While we don’t have the answers, we also realise that the ways we deal with issues is to create art, which in itself is a healer. We’ve really been holding the mirror up and exercising some demons on this one. It’s led to the best album we’ve ever written, and something we hope will connect other people far more deeply than anything we’ve released previously.”

1. In Gravity
2. Amber Screams
3. Guardian
4. Breaker
5. Judgement
6. Dark Age
7. Follow The Cold
8. As Above…
9. …So Below
10. Absolution

Take Offense – T.Otality

Credit: Becky DiGiglio

Take Offense will release new album T.Otality on May 10 through MNRK Heavy.
Guitarist Greg Cerwonka said: “We’re incredibly proud of the record, and feel like it really represents who we are and where we’re from. But it was really a strenuous one to make and at points it felt like we might not get it done.”
Frontman Anthony Herrera said: “I feel like I didn’t hold back on things I wanted to say. It’s even in the title of the record– totality.
“Certain tracks on the record have references to Mexica, which are beliefs that go back to early Mexico– something that I grew up with. When I was younger, I don’t think it was as easy for me to express certain things into words. I think things come easier now and I feel like I put it all out there. So I’m very proud to be at this point– I feel like we are stronger than ever, and with the new record we are the best version of who we are.”

1 – Greetings From Below
2 – S.W.O.
3 – T.O.tality
4 – If I’m Damned, So Be It
5 – Assassination
6 – Uncivilized Animals
7 – Now Or Never
8 – Deep Inside/House Of Shadows
9 – No Mans Land (Instrumental)
10 – Stolen Land
11 – Until Then
12 – Beyond Flesh And Bone
13 – Give’m Chaos
14 – The Prayer

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