New records to look out for: Teasers for March 31

Welcome to our weekly round up of some of the recently announced albums and EPs we’re most excited for.

Mcfly – Power to Play

Credit: Haris Nukem

Mcfly will release new album Power to Play on June 9.

The band said of the record: “At the start of the process, we all got together and said what we wanted this new album to be. We all had this one thing in common, and it was guitars. We love being on tour and playing live, and we hate this weird pressure where you don’t get played on the radio if you have guitars in your songs. That was always in the back of our heads, so we decided to forget all about it and that same day Tom wrote ‘Where Did All The Guitars Go?’ on the way home. On every album, there’s a song which becomes a foundation, a lightbulb moment, and this was it. Guitars, honesty, energy, all these personality traits are what give us the band’s identity. We want to reach that kid with long hair, get them excited about music and make them want to pick up a guitar and jump on their bed. That’s what this record is about.”


  1. Where Did All The Guitars Go?
  2. Land Of The Bees
  3. Forever’s Not Enough
  4. God of Rock & Roll
  5. I’m Fine
  6. Taking Back Tonight
  7. Honey I’m Home
  8. Route 55
  9. Crash
  10. Make It Out Alive
  11. Shine On

Crown The Empire – Dogma

Crown The Empire will release new album Dogma on April 28 through Rise Records.

“We brought back the classic elements of Crown without taking anything away from what we’ve done more recently,” shares longtime bassist and screamer Hayden Tree on the band’s new era. “The high-energy, fast-paced, hard-hitting riffs, with the band’s more melodic side, mashed together into an updated sound.”



2. Black Sheep

3. Modified

4. Paranoid

5. In Another Life (feat. Courtney LaPlante)

6. Superstar (feat. Remington Leith)

7. Dancing with the Dead

8. Immortalize

9. Someone Else

10. Labyrinth

Tigercub – The Perfume of Decay

Credit: Andreia Lamos

Tigercub will release new album The Perfume of Decay on June 2 through Loosegrove Records.

The album title came from watching a film. “There was a nighttime aesthetic to it, and something that reminded me of Edgar Allen Poe and the Victorian era,” Jamie remembers. “It seemed to sum up the bittersweet nature of growing up. Thematically and musically, that’s where Tigercub was headed.”

“The Perfume of Decay is set at night,” he explains. “It was written at night, I recorded all the vocals at night, and it is at night when my thoughts race and uneasiness pours through me like running water. Under the glimmer of moonlight, my apprehension ebbs and flows like the tide and it doesn’t stop until the morning. Perfume is a diary of my emotional journey from dusk to dawn, an anxiety-fueled voyage through the storm. Lyrically, at points, it is almost a stream of consciousness. I sat up late and wrote the words down as they flashed before my eyes.”

“I use my songwriting as a form of catharsis — a tool to examine my anxiety and insecurity about growing older and how those emotions seem to lead me towards turmoil,” he adds. “I pour those feelings into my lyrics and only then can I move on from them.”


1. Dirge
2. The Perfume Of Decay
3. Show Me My Maker
4. Play My Favourite Song
5. Swoon
6. The Dark Below
7. You’re My Dopamine
8. We’re A Long Time Gone
9. It Hurts When You’re Heard
10. Until I Forget
11. Shadowgraph
12. Help Me I’m Dreaming


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