New records to look out for: Teasers for March 1

Welcome to our weekly round up of some of the recently announced albums and EPs we are most excited for!

Yobs – Self-titled

Yobs will release their self-titled debut album on May 3 through Fuzz Club.

Gaffa Tape Sandy – Hold My Hand, God Damn It

Credit: Declan Haughian

Gaffa Tape Sandy will release new album Hold My Hand, God Damn It on May 31 through Alcopop! Records!


1. Body In The Water
2. Scrapbook
3. Dead To Me
4. Evil, Evil, Evil
5. Get Off
6. Split
7. Rosemary
8. Devour (Rosemary Pt. II)
9. Medicine
10. Energy 
11. Holding Hands
12. Queasy

Dayseeker – Replica

Dayseeker will release their acoustic album Replica on April 19 through Spinefarm Records.

Rory Rodriguez said: “Replica is one of our favorite releases to date. It completely shows a new side to our band and the kind of music we’re capable of creating.”

Replica’ came after a specific gig in 2022, when the band’s gear overheated at Blue Ridge Rock Festival. Thinking on his feet, Rory grabbed an acoustic guitar from the van, plugged in, and performed ‘Without Me.’ Soon, he had pulled together a five-song set on the fly as thousands of fans flocked to the stage.
“I felt like we let people down, but I had so many friends say, ‘Everyone will remember the day your equipment stopped working and you still played the set as a really special moment’,'” he recalls. “It felt natural for our songs. We usually will do extra tracks for a Deluxe version or re-release, but we decided to commit to an entire acoustic album this time.”


1. Sleeptalk (Acoustic)

2. Without Me feat. Amber DeLaRosa (Acoustic)

3. Neon Grave (Acoustic)

4. Starving To Be Empty feat. Lucas Woodland (Acoustic)

5. Homesick (Acoustic)

6. Crying While You’re Dancing (Acoustic)

7. Burial Plot feat. Caleb Shomo (Acoustic)

8. Drunk (Acoustic)

9. Afterglow (Acoustic)

10. My Immortal (Acoustic)

Hot Water Music – Vows

Credit: Jesse Korman

Hot Water Music will release new album Vows on May 10 through End Hits Records.

“Everyone spent a lot of time reflecting on the journey that got us here and thinking about what we want the trajectory to be from here on out while making this record,” the band summarises. “We hope this album feels like a celebration of our history and future to everyone that hears it. That is definitely  what it is and how it feels to us.”


1) Menace

2) Searching For Light

3) Burn Forever

4) After The Impossible

5) Remnants

6) Chewing On Broken Glass

7) Fences

8) Side Of The Road

9) Wildfire

10) Bury Us All

11) Touch The Sun

12) Much Love

My Favourite Nemesis – We Annihilate I

My Favourite Nemesis will release new EP We Annihilate I on April 26 through Seek and Strike!

The band said: “Following the release of our second album, Eidolon, we had some demo tracks already on the works. Writing this time around was more straightforward and everyone in the band was more involved in the whole process. 

“We didn’t deliberately go for any major changes in our sound, but this EP could be described as a natural evolution of the band. Every track delivers aggression and emotion more in your face than previously. Overall, the EP sounds more rough and less polished than our older releases. This was the first time Sanna (vocals) was involved in the writing of the vocals and lyrics from the beginning. With that in mind, we wanted to focus more on writing clean vocal lines and melodies.

“When it comes to writing lyrics, we wanted to write about subjects we all find important to talk about, such as war, greed, and mental issues. Both Janne’s (vocals) and Sanna’s writing styles complement each other and come together nicely. What stands out the most on this release, is that the songs really feel like a punch in the gut, yet still have very melodic parts that you can sing along with. Also, the mix sounds massive, but maintains a clarity that allows the listener to hear all the details and dynamics. If you haven’t heard of us before, this EP is the perfect starting point, as we feel this is the strongest material yet. Every track delivers creative rhythmic and melodic groove and is sure to keep anyone hooked and come back for more.

“This new track, ‘We Annihilate’, is about creating something new and finding a new path and to do so, you must destroy the old. It also touches on what the future holds, and that’s a core theme for the whole EP and that’s why we chose it as the lead single. This track came together very quickly both in composing and writing lyrics. After the first demo was done, everything just fell into place, and it turned out to be a very crushing and catchy song. We wanted the video to look and feel as dark and intimate as the song itself, and we’re very happy how it turned out. We didn’t want any big set pieces or crazy special effects, just the band playing and letting the music speak for itself.”


01 – We Annihilate
02 – Paradox You Seek
03 – Corporeal Husk
04 – Chimera
05 – Blind

High On Fire – Cometh the Storm

Credit: James Rexroad

High On Fire will release new album Cometh the Storm on April 19 through MNRK Heavy.


1. Lambsbread
2. Burning Down
3. Trismegistus
4. Cometh The Storm
5. Karanlık Yol
6. Sol’s Golden Curse
7. The Beating
8. Tough Guy
9. Lightning Beard
10. Hunting Shadows
11. Darker Fleece

Where Memories May Rot – Elevated Misery

Credit: Jos Hurley

Where Memories May Rot will release debut EP Elevated Misery on March 28.

Couch Slut – You Could Do It Tonight

Credit: Jeremiah Bird

Couch Slut will release new album You Could Do It Tonight on April 19 through Brutal Panda Records.


1. Couch Slut Lewis
2. Ode To Jimbo
3. Wilkinson’s Sword
4. The Donkey
5. Presidential Welcome
6. Energy Crystals For Healing
7. Downhill Racer
8. Laughing and Crying
9. The Weaversville Home For Boys

The Mysterines – Afraid of Tomorrows

Credit: Steve Gullick

The Mysterines will release new album Afraid of Tomorrows on June 7 through Fiction Records.

“Afraid of Tomorrows is a mirror where you find you’re nothing more than a formless being, one made from celestial constellations – of traumas, of the old and new, mistakes, addiction, fear and happiness, loneliness, but ultimately a desire for life and the fight to keep living. It’s a collage of what’s been lost and of love unbounded”, says vocalist and guitarist Lia Metcalfe.


1. The Last Dance

2. Stray

3. Another Another Another

4. Tired Animal

5. Jesse You’re A Superstar

6. Hawkmoon

7. Sink Ya Teeth

8. Junkyard Angel

9. Goodbye Sunshine

10. Inside A Matchbox

11. So Long

12. Afraid of Tomorrows

Between You & Me – Sh!t Yeah

Credit: Max Palasic

Between You & Me will release EP Sh!t Yeah on April 5.


1: Kill My Vibe
2: In The Middle
3: Nevermind
4: Super Good
5: Yeah!
6: Virus

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