New records to look out for: Teasers for June 30

Welcome to our weekly round up of some of the recently announced albums and EPs that we are most excited for!

CLT DRP – Nothing Clever, Just Feelings

Credit: Bridie Florence

CLT DRP will release new album Nothing Clever, Just Feelings on September 8 through Venn Records.

Commenting on the record, vocalist Annie Dorrett says: “Overall, this album embodies our true ethos of self-expression. Equally chaotic and hypnotic, it was meant to be blasted in the car at full volume while you curse your ex, your past ghosts, and you celebrate your cherished independence while you have it.”


2. Nothing Clever, Just Feelings
3. I See My Body Through You
4. Desire / 1 on 1
5. M.U.T.M
6. Cake 4 The Women
7. Only One
9. The Door
10. Easier Than This
11. I Put My Baby To Sleep

Fiddlehead – Death is Nothing to Us

Credit: Deanie Chen

Fiddlehead will release new album Death is Nothing to Us on August 28 through Run For Cover Records.

Patrick Flynn said: “I don’t want people to romanticise grief and depression, myself included.
“But I wanted to write about the way loss can perpetuate this feeling of sadness in your life. I didn’t intend to make some kind of thematic trilogy but there is this connection to the first two records, and this album sort of rounds out some of the stages of grief that weren’t addressed previously–especially this feeling of stickiness that a depressive attitude can have.”


1. The Deathlife
2. Sleepyhead
3. Loserman
4. True Hardcore (II)
5. Welcome to the Situation
6. Sullenboy
7. Give It Time (II)
8. Queen of Limerick
9. The Woes
10. Fiddleheads
11. Fifteen To Infinity
12. Going To Die

Teen Jesus and The Jean Teasers – I Love You

Credit: @sheisaphrodite

Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers will release debut album I Love You on September 8 through Domestic La La.


I Used To Be Fun

Treat Me Better

Backseat Driver

I Love You

Your House My House

Salt (ft. The Grogans)

Cayenne Pepper


Lights Out

Toe Bone

Never Saw It Coming

Kissy Kissy

Grove Street – The Path to Righteousness

Grove Street will release debut album The Path to Righteousness on September 29 through UNFD.

Guitarist Sandy said of the album: “we’ve worked on this record for a long time; it was a labour of love, from its inception to the DIY approach we took with the recording and mixing. This being our debut full length, we knew we wanted to level up on every front, which led us to be meticulous with every detail on every part of every song. We couldn’t justify rushing it for the sake of feeding the machine. We’re extremely proud of it. Every track taps into a different part of what Grove Street is.”


1) Regressing Forward

2) Hunting Season

3) Lessons of the Past

4) Caught Slippin’

5) The Path to Righteousness

6) Ulterior Motives

7) Born II Lose

8) Shift

9) Sick & Tired

10) T.Y.D.O.

11) Cycle of Grief

Any Given Sin – War Within

Credit: Jack Nutter

Any Given Sin will release debut album War Within on August 4 through Mascot Records.


1. War Within
2. Calm Before the Storm
3. Another Life
4. Cold Bones
5. Follow You
6. Insidious
7. Ball and Chain
8. The Way I Say Goodbye
9. House on Fire
10. Dynamite
11. Still Sinking

Of Virtue – Omen

Credit: Austin Spruill

Of Virtue will release new album Omen on September 28 through Arising Empire.

The band comment: “Three years in the making and feeling as if it’s the most significant one in our timeline thus far, this album was by far the most difficult to create in many more ways than one and one of the most emotional experience for us. Hope that it helps you through your time of need, the way it did us.”


1. Omen
2. Hypocrite
3. Cold Blooded
4. Cut Me Open
5. Sober
6. A.N.X.I.E.T.Y.
7. Floating ft Rory Rodriguez (Dayseeker)
8. True Colors
9. Sinner
10. Holy
11. Cannibals
12. False Idols

Hunny – Hunny’s New Planet Heaven

Hunny will release new album Hunny’s New Planet Heaven on October 6 through Epitaph Records.


sixteen stitches
big star
my own age
ring in ur ear (ft. Justin Courtney Pierre)
nothing amazing happens
all my luck
kick ur teeth in
palm reader

Dream Nails – Doom Loop

Credit: Holly Whittaker

Dream Nails will release new album Doom Loop on October 13 through Marshall Records.

“Doom Loop is an exploration of the repeated cycles we find ourselves in,” comments vocalist Ishmael Kirby, “from political injustice and patriarchal systems to the negative spirals of our minds. A doom loop is a crisis that starts to feed on itself. It feels like there is no escape. But there is. This album is a reflection of ourselves, the world we live in, and the one we want to create.”

“Specifically, Doom Loop delves into masculinity in its many forms” expands drummer Lucy Katz. “The good guy, the lads at school, the narcissistic politician, the incel, the sexual predator, the police officer. It looks into gender-based oppression from childhood; how isolation can breed violence against women and the rhetoric that spawns incels.”

Elaborating on the themes, guitarist Anya Pearson adds: “On the album we also celebrate masculinity by telling stories about butch and trans masculine identities. We show the shared responsibility we have in fighting misogyny. Empathy is hard to find in a divided world, but we seek it out, advocate for it, and ask how far it goes.”
Good Guy
Case Dismissed
Sometimes I do Get Lonely, Yeah
She’s Cutting My Hair
Femme Boi
Time Ain’t No Healer

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