New records to look out for: Teasers for July 7

Welcome to our weekly round up of some of the recently announced albums and EPs that we’re excited for!

Heavy Lungs – All Gas No Breaks

Credit: Lucy Werrett

Heavy Lungs will release new record All Gas No Breaks on September 29 through Alcopop! Records.

Of the news, the band say: “Well, well, well… they said it couldn’t be done, but look what just kicked you in the ass. Our debut album is coming out. It’s a dancer and it’s a prancer, and hopefully it’s a life enhancer.
We recorded it way back in 2021 with head wizard, Wiz, and his jester Stan for some extra magic and spice, and it’s been a long old wait, but only another 3 months and it’s yours!”


01 – Matryoshka
02 – All Gas No Brakes
03 – Late To The Party
04 – Dancing Man
05 – Angle Grinder
06 – Plagiarism
07 – Head Tilter
08 – It’s Been 
09 – Rock, Paper, Scissors
10 – 2 Hot 2 Ride
11 – Sometimes People Just Explode

Starbenders – Take Back the Night

Credit: Vegas Giovanni

Starbenders will release new album Take Back the Night on August 11 through Sumerian Records.


1. The Game
2. Sex
3. Body Talk
4. We’re Not Ok
5. Cherry Wine
6. Seven White Horses
7. The End is Near
8. Blood Moon
9. If You Need It
10. Marianne
11. Poison
12. Midnight
13. Say You Will

Ash – Race the Night

Credit: Steve Gullick

Ash will release new album Race the Night on September 15 through Fierce Panda.

It is their first album together in five years.


1. Race The Night
2. Usual Places
3. Reward In Mind
4. Oslo (feat. Démira)
5. Like A God
6. Peanut Brain
7. Crashed Out Wasted
8. Braindead
9. Double Dare
10. Over & Out
11. Like A God (Reprise)

Des Rocs – Dream Machine

Credit: Javi Perez

Des Rocs will release new album Dream Machine on August 25 through Sumerian Records.

Danny Rocco, the brains behind Des Rocs, said: I grew up worshiping the enormous scale of rock n roll. I was obsessed with the awesome spectrum of people it could unite. Soon the guitar became my ultimate escape. When I played I could pour years of bottled-up feelings through my fingers and express myself in a way I never thought possible. I’d imagine myself on the stages of my
heroes, and soon became singularly-focused on how I could one day stand on the shoulders of giants.

“I wanted to make an album that captured the same magic that changed my life. But it was important to push the genre. To filter larger-than-life emotions through the lens of my own experiences. Dream Machine is an album that embodies the dreams of that little kid standing in front of the TV watching Queen at Wembley. Dream Machine is a vessel.”


1. Dream Machine
2. I Am the Lightning
3. White Gold
4. Nowhere Kid
5. Never Ending Moment
6. Bad Blood
7. Natural Born Thriller
8. In the Night
9. Up to You

Shining – Self-titled

Credit: Claudio Marino

Shining will release their new self-titled album on September 15 through Napalm Records.

Niklas Kvarforth said: “This is our self-titled, eleventh studio album, and it is drenched in an instantly recognisable sound which has been perfected over the last three decades, and that, today, has become the trademark of the band.”


1. Avsändare Okänd
2. Snart Är Dom Alla Borta
3. Allt För Döden
4. Fidelis Ad Mortem (feat. Andy La Rocque)
5. Åttahundratjugo
6. Den Permanenta Sömnen Kallar

BVDLVD – Absence

Credit: Sara Shots

BVDLVD will release new album Absence on September 29 through Earache Records.

Josh explains: “‘ABSENCE’ really is what it says on the tin: I’ve been missing. Finding my inner self post-COVID, dealing with substance abuse, coming to realise I’ve got severe anxiety and all of the faff a 22-year-old man has to deal with as a fresh adult in a dismal society. And all while somehow trying to maintain this “Bad Lad” persona. I’m a self-taught college drop-out who failed his music GCSEs, so I’m always looking to prove how far I can take my music, despite being ‘ill-equipped’ in terms of what the British education system says I need to make it far in music. With ‘ABSENCE’, I really wanted to get my head down and focus on some of the core aspects of the art to elevate it to the next level. Progression is always a priority, so I’ve taken a super in-depth look at my mixing, mastering, vocal performance and, ultimately, becoming the process rather than fighting with it. That is, learning to live and breathe the music.”

He continues: “I feel like I’m in the process of making a much-needed leap in my music. There’s never really been a box that I’ve felt that I fit into. So I think I need to say ‘f*ck the box’ and craft my own. The art will guide me as I guide it. Throughout the process of creating ‘ABSENCE’, I have become the music. I think in music and I actively search for art with every step that I take.”







6. WHO AM I?

7. TABLE CLOTH (feat. Biv)

8. AISLE 13



11. AVODLOM (feat. BLCKK)




15. HAPPY DEATH (feat. PROP)


Baroness – Stone

Credit: Ebru Yildiz

Baroness will release new album Stone on September 15 through Abraxan Hymns.

“An important through line in Baroness is we don’t like to repeat ourselves,” John Baizley explains. “It’s all about the willingness to take risks. When I was younger, the whole point of music was to be different, not to do the same thing, and not to listen to parents or play by the rules. That’s kind of goofy, but in practice, it works. It’s really sort of terrifying to be at the sixth record in your career and think that you’ll have to keep up with your history rather than continually invent. So, we doubled down on continuously inventing to see where it takes us. I think this record is a good reflection of that. ‘STONE’ is a lot more alive, more direct.”

“The recording process was completely self-contained,” adds Sebastian Thomsen“Having just the four of us in a rented house in the mountains for a month resulted in not only a cohesive and authentic sound, but also an intense collective mentality.”

“I think we were able to strip everything away on this record,” Gina Gleason shares. “We were unified in that. So, we just jumped in and did our best. That felt really good. It was a really cool, empowering, creative experience.”


1.     Embers

2.     Last Word

3.     Beneath the Rose

4.     Choir

5.     The Dirge

6.     Anodyne

7.     Shine

8.     Magnolia

9.     Under the Wheel

10.  Bloom

Bearings – The Best Part About Being Human

Bearings will release new album The Best Part About Being Human on August 18 through Pure Noise Records.

“The Best Part About Being Human is being alive and the second best part is writing an upbeat and exciting record with your brothers in a small house in North Hollywood,” says the band. “This record was us figuring out what we really wanted to play live, what got us excited, and I think we found that.”


1. Scenery
2. Don’t Wanna Forget About It
3. Gone So Gone
4. Go Long
5. Ocean Dream
6. Howie, You’re A Freak
7. Slip
8. Live Forever Never Die
9. I Want To Heal
10. Human


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