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Welcome to our weekly round up of some of the latest album and EP announcements from across the alternative music world!

Alienist – Love/Hate

Alienist will release new EP Love/Hate on March 1 through UNFD.

“We explore a lot of different themes on this EP,” reveals guitarist, vocalist and lead songwriter Damon Renes, “but obviously the entire overall theme is love/hate and the fact that there’s such a big dichotomy between the two words at the same time.”

“People do a lot of things that are hateful, and yet use the word that they’re doing it for as “love” and vice versa,” Renes adds. “Love can make you do a lot of hateful things as well. The EP explores relationships with religion, but it also explores toxic relationships and abusive relationships and the falling apart of relationships that you think were going to be your “forever”, and what it feels like when you realise that that’s not going to be the case.”

“It explores all those sorts of themes and I hope some people listen to the lyrics of some of the songs and really think about their own situation. Or if they’re stuck in a situation that they’re not happy in, or one where they don’t feel safe – I hope that they feel like they’re not alone in that, and that they can get help or get the support that they need.”



Distorted Reflections



Prisoner Of You

Blackgold – Back With Another One

Blackgold will release new EP Back With Another One on May 10!


International Touring
Back With Another One
Social Blackout
One Chance
Today’s My Day
Rains In My Life

Eidola – Eviscerate

Eidola will release new album Eviscerate on April 12 through Blue Swan/Rise Records.

We spent our downtime completely immersed in our desire to push our own limitations” says the band’s Andrew Michael Wells.
“We wanted to take the concepts of this project and double down on the things we felt were most ambitious and exploratory. While keeping our core sound, we chose to experiment with a new producer, 7 string guitars, deep drop tunings, and lean into the violence and loss in our lyrical content.” 


Atman- An Introduction To Suffering
A Bridge Of Iron And Blood
No Weapon Formed Shall Prosper
Who Of You Will Persevere
The Weight Of Sin
He Who Pulls The Strings Ties A Knot
Fistful Of Hornets
God Takes Away Everything
Ashes In Gehinnom
Golgotha Compendium- Fith Temple
Kali Yuga
Ecclesiastes- The Burden Of Wisdom

Artificial Language – Distant Glow

Artificial Language will release new EP Distant Glow on March 22.


Two Faced Star
Rain Follows
House of Hoarded Sands

Capstan – The Mosaic

Capstan will release new album The Mosaic on May 24 through Fearless Records.


I. “Revolve”
“Misery Scene”
“Final Words”
“An Open Letter”
“What You Want”
II. “Revise”
Bête Noire
“What Can I Say”
Heart to Heart
III. “The Mosaic”

Alien Ant Farm – ~mAntras~

K. Baldes

Alien Ant Farm will release new album ~mAntras~ on April 26.

Guitarist Terry Corso said: “Growing up, divorce, children, family, death, band break-ups, surgeries, illness, health—everything is in this record. It’s literally a product of all the fucking shit, good and bad, that we went through.”

“For a band that released “Smooth Criminal”, we are a crazy prog band,” chuckles Dryden Mitchell. “If you scratch that just a couple of songs in, there’s some real goodness going on in there.”

“Longevity has kind of become the luxury,” adds Corso, “because it lets us do all this stuff that we want to do. It gives us a bit wiggle room to have those prog tendencies and move in ways that feel good to us.”


The Wrong Things

Last dAntz


No. 1

Storms Over

So Cold

What Am I Doing

Prosperous Futures


Everything She wAnts


Brontide – Artery (10th anniversary reissue)

Brontide will release a 10th anniversary edition of Artery on August 2.

The album will be pressed on a limited edition silver fade vinyl.


Bare My Bones
Kith and Kin
Still Life
Red Gold

Mammoth Penguins – Here

Credit: Gavin Singleton

Mammoth Penguins will release new album Here on May 3 through Fika Recordings.



I Know The Signs


Blue Plaque

Everything That I Write


Nothing And Everything

Help Yourself

Old Friends

Lost Friends


A Plea For Kindness

Pearl Jam – Dark Matter

Credit: Danny Clinch

Pearl Jam will release new album Dark Matter on April 19 through Monkeywrench Records/Republic Records.

The band recently heard the album with a special listening party.

Vocalist Eddie Vedder said: “I’m getting chills, because I have good memories. We’re still looking for ways to communicate. We’re at this time in our lives when you could do it or you could not do it, but we still care about putting something out there that is meaningful and we hopefully think is our best work. No hyperbole, I think this is our best work.”

Bassist Jeff Ament added: “What Ed said about getting us in a room at this point, we felt like we were about to make a really important record. A lot of that had to do with the atmosphere Andrew set up. He has encyclopedic knowledge of our history, not only as a band and how we wrote songs, but as players. He could pinpoint things we did on old songs to the point where I was like, ‘What the fuck is he talking about?’ His excitement was contagious. He’s a force. I just want to say thanks for keeping us on track. I couldn’t be prouder of us as a band. I feel so grateful for the fans, but mostly for my brothers and these people I’ve made music with.”


Scared of Fear
React, Respond
Dark Matter
Won’t Tell
Upper Hand
Waiting for Stevie
Something Special
Got to Give
Setting Sun

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