New records to look out for: Teasers for February 2

Welcome to our weekly round up of some of the recently announced albums and EPs that we’re most excited for!

El Moono – The Waking Sun

El Moono will release their debut album The Waking Sun on May 10 through Lockjaw Records.


1. Dawn
2. Illusionist
3. The Waking Sun
4. The Charm
5. Haunting
6. Chains
7. The First Man On Mars
8. Orbit
9. Phantom
10. Screw Loose
11. Marionettes
12. Soul Eclipse
13. Dusk

The Dandy Warhols – Rockmaker

The Dandy Warhols will release new album Rockmaker on March 15 through Sunset Blvd Records.


1. The Dooms Day Bells
2. Danzig With Myself (feat Black Francis)
3. Teutonic Wine
4. Summer Of Hate
5. I’d Like To Help You With Your Problem
6. The Cross
7. Root Of All Evil
8. Must’ve Always Been A Thing
9. Love Thyself
10. Real People
11. I will Never Stop Loving You

Noah and the Loners – A Desolate Warning

Noah and the Loners will release EP A Desolate Warning on February 28 through Marshall Records.


Crash Landing
Just Kids
You Make Me (Fall Apart)
Losing My Head
Hell Of A Day

Aerial Salad – R.O.I

Aerial Salad will release album R.O.I on April 12 through Venn Records.


Rotting and shaking
Same 24 hours (as Beyoncé)
Tied to Pieces of paper
mdrn lvn
They All Lied to Me
Big business
As the World Eats itself again
All your dreamin’
D’yer Like Flowers, Son?
Capo 2
Telekon 5

P.O.D – Veritas

Credit: Alicia Hauff

P.O.D will release new album Veritas on May 31 through Mascot Records!

“We can’t wait for you all to hear the new album in its entirety,” states Marcos Curiel. “We’ve put so much heart and soul into this recording. We are extremely proud of it. We hope to see all your beautiful faces in city near you. Thank you for your unwavering support. We love and appreciate you all.”

Sonny Sandoval adds: “There’s a first time for everything and the writing and recording process of this record will definitely not be the last. We might’ve just created our best album yet!”

“This will most likely be one of my favorite P.O.D. records,” says Traa Daniels. “There are some songs on this record that are so different from one another, but still have that P.O.D. So Cal flavor.”


DROP” (Feat. Randy Blythe)


AFRAID TO DIE” (Feat. Tatiana Shmayluk)



“LAY ME DOWN” (Roo’s Song)


“THIS IS MY LIFE” (Feat. Cove Reber)




Oakman – Violent Oblivion

Oakman will be releasing new album Violent Oblivion on May 3 through Rude Records!

“Violent Oblivion is that violent break with the outside world, our own emotions, and the encounter with our traumas. Through the songs, it represents the different mental states Violent Oblivion can put us in. The powerful catchy melodies and lively instrumentals conceal deep and strong feelings, mental problems, excitement, fear and despair. Getting out of this Violent Oblivion is a big challenge, so we eventually hang on to find some hope and love to cope”.

I Am Floating…
Proper Attitude
Missed Connections
Air Hunger
I Wish Myself To Be Happier
A Letter To Them
Violent Oblivion
Acte Manqué
Love Picture Soundtrack
…Faraway In Space, Forever

Divided – Light Will Shine

Divided will release debut album Light Will Shine on March 29 through Dunk! Records!


1: Cinder
2: Days Undone (So Long)
3: Kattestraat
4: The Vicious Loop
5: Remaining in Limbo
6: The City Slowly Undresses
7: The Warped Loop
8: Sleepers

Crushed By Waves – More to Life

Crushed By Waves will release debut album More to Life on March 22.

Frontman Arran said: “Our debut album ‘More To Life’ is a reflection of where we are at as a band. At the time of writing and producing this album we were experiencing so many things for the first time together. Our first time touring, our first manager, our first time playing major festival shows, and our first national radio play for our songs. ‘More To Life’ is the concept of rebirth. Have you ever felt destined to fail? Felt trapped in a day-to-day routine wishing for a better life? Well this was about taking control of our fate and breaking free of the limitations we put on ourselves. Now we are starting to learn what we are capable of, we will never settle for less or compromise again.

“Despite all of our own self-doubts, we have achieved more than we ever thought possible. We are finding our place within this scene, and growing a loyal fanbase who seem to love what we are doing and supporting us on our path. We once had a mindset of thinking, ‘Who the fuck are Crushed By Waves?’. We had total imposter syndrome all the time. However, after the year we just had, we know exactly who the fuck Crushed By Waves are, and if you don’t, then you are missing out. This album is just the start for us boys – we hope you enjoy what we created.

“Crushed By Waves are a live band so if you want to experience this properly and feel the explosive energy we create as a band then you need to come and see this live. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed. We owe everything to the incredible team we have build around us. Massive thanks to Marianne our manager and queen who works harder than anyone we know. Oz Craggs our producer who is both insanely talented but also equally as humble and a genuinely lovely person. And finally our videographer Oli Duncanson who turns our crazy ideas into a visual feast. Big love, Arran, Tom, Andy, Dan”

1) Nothing Left
2) Dangerous
3) You Know
4) Optimistic
5) Won’t Get Out Alive
6) More To Life
7) Faces
8) Lies
9) Close To The Edge
10) Too Much To Ask

Y Dail – Teigr

Y Dail will release debut album Teigr on April 5.
The album is the brainchild of 20-year-old Huw Griffiths who described it as “a collection of songs written in my bedroom between the ages of 16 and 19, high on lapsang souchong tea and jaffa cakes.”


1 The Piper Pulled Down the Sky
2 Dyma Kim Carsons
3 O’n i’n Meddwl Bod Ti’n Mynd i Fod Yn Wahanol
4 Silly Boy
5 Clancy
6 You Don’t Have To Be Blue Forever
7 Pedwar Weithiau Pump
8 Whizz Kids
9 Y Tywysog a’r Teigr
10 My Baby’s in the FBI
11 Tennessee Skies (1956)
12 Feel The Sun
13 Tarth y Bore

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